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5 Best Books On Java That Every Beginner Should Read

If you have come looking for sources to learn Java, the realization of Java being the most popular language might have already bestowed upon you. Given the popularity the availability of learning material is abundant; online classes, PDFs and for those old school programmers there are books. Now the real job begins! To find a book that suits you, especially as a beginner when you have absolutely no idea about where your best interest lies. Mind if we help you there?

Now that you have pretty much reached the threshold of pondering, sit back & take a deep breath. How about a quick dig at the below list of books?

Here are 5 best books on Java that being a beginner you should be getting your hold on to.

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  • Head First Java 2nd Edition

Yes, this one is pretty old and not updated in a really long time. Remember how in school the content of our books remained exactly the way it was more than a decade ago? We were in fact at times trying to grasp the most outdated content. However, it definitely did build the base as the fundamentals never seemed to change.

Call the author outdated if you like but to be able to reach a level where you call yourself an expert, one always needs to begin at the ground level. Why this book? Well for starters, the book is highly effective in terms of the way content has been presented. The visual approach with a lot of figures and diagrams definitely stand out. Secondly, it gradually directs you from the beginning of the journey to the later part of it. No rush! Head First Java is one of the few classic books that are still resting on the bookshelves of Java veterans.

  • Java A Beginner’s Guide 8th  Edition By Herbert Schildt

The fact that the book has been updated (the latest edition is 8th) more frequently makes it the most sellable amongst beginners. Another key feature of the book resides in the cherry a reader receives at the end of each chapter. A series of quizzes and hands on exercises are surely a fruit for your brain, solely created to evaluate your learning throughout. Java a beginner’s guide is an effective book for someone who is really new to the world of programming and requires a fair amount of hand holding especially at the start of the learning process.

  • Java: Programming Basics For Absolute Beginners By Nathan Clark 

If the thought of learning Java all by yourself sends chills through your spine, we say hold that feeling. This particular book will not let you experience any turbulence in fact quite contrary to that would let the learning be like going with the flow. Just the way we all wish!

As the name suggests Java: programming basics for absolute beginners is put together for absolute beginners and would make you fall in love with the idea of slow & steady learning. There are a lot of examples to refine your knowledge as well as to have you up and running with writing programs and solving problems in no time.

  • Beginning Programming For Java With Dummies

A smooth introduction to Java while guiding readers with negligible experience through its step by step approach is surely to qualify for beginner’s must read. It shows as little as how to create a program for the more complex part of handling standard programming challenges. The best part lies in the fact that this book has been updated with Java 9.

  • Introduction To Java Programming By Y. Daniel Liang

An author’s crafting efforts are often reflected in what lies inside the book. Same goes for Daniel since his efforts can be judged from the way he has tailored this particular book for beginners at Java language. Introduction to Java programming teaches you concepts of problem solving, basic algorithms and data structures. For all who would like a taste of nostalgia, this book encourages me to do a lot of homework. While one remains consumed by the theory, a handful of exercises always awaits at the end of the chapter. Overall, a pretty detailed and comprehensive guide for your journey as a Java programmer.


In today’s world where we are continuously bombarded with more information than one can hold, it gets highly critical to identify what works best for you. Hence the efforts were taken to give you a curated list of books we believe are a must read for every Java beginner.

Having said that there is definitely a scope of another different approach for everybody has a different learning curve. Hence we suggest you make your own plan, perhaps a little mix of books and e-books or videos that can come handy even while you are on break from your work. A multimedia approach is proved to have a deepened effect on our senses and makes grasping easier. Happy reading!

Author Bio:

Nishil is a passionate writer, hungry for new innovation. New trends fill him with tons of enthusiasm to uncover hidden topics. Speakaudible covers a wide range of subjects related to audiobooks.

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