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Flyer or flier, also known as pamphlet is a form of paper advertisement distributed to people widely either by hand or through mail. Though it is an old fashioned marketing technique, it is still an effective and inexpensive way to promote your business. Although flyers are effective in promoting your business, not all flyers grab the eyes of the audience. If a flyer can’t grab the customer’s attention, then the resources put in to make those flyers go in vain.So, what can be done to hold people’s attention and make them look through the flyer? Learn the facts here now on how to promote your business using flyers.

Know your Epicentre

You should be able to convey the information you want to without much difficulty. This should be the main thing that the audience should focus on when they receive your flyer. How to do this?

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Use images that stand out visually. Images with vibrant colours are sure to attract the attention of the reader rather than ones with dull colours. If you are using stock photos, then try using the stock photos of the same photographer. After the picture, the next thing that grabs the customers eye is the font. Use the right font that goes well with your picture. Do not get too creative with the font. Make sure that you use a font that is clearly understandable by the readers. Once done with image and font, it is time for you to select a colour scheme for your flyer. Here again don’t be so experimental and try putting in so many colours. Choose a colour that goes well with your brand and create a good visual impression to the reader. Finally, don’t make your flyer crowded with too much information. Use right spacing and right information to display on your flyer.

Convey your information to the target audience

Have a clear idea about the audience you are going to deal with. Do some research about them and frame your flyer in such a way that it would particularly catch the attention of your target audience. Try using specific terms related to your business. Always try speaking from an audience perspective and use terms like ‘you’ and ‘your’ instead of ‘us’ and ‘we.’

 Explain the Benefits

Once you successfully grab your audience attention, you need to make them stick around. You can succeed in this by making their attention rewarding. Answer how your business would benefit them and why they should choose you to your competitors. You can ace this game by using terminology like save, free, guarantee, etc.

Keeping it simple

For flyers, the less is always more. As there is very little time to capture the attention of your audience, you need to be precise and talk on point without beating around the bush. Focus on describing your product, its benefits and reasons why customers should opt for it. Work on making your content short and creative. Try using catchy headlines or titles. Make it as creative as possible. Also, refrain yourself from using passive voice. Don’t use way too long sentences. Try highlighting important text by using bullet points. Include all the necessary business information that the customer requires to contact you.

Promotions and offers

The best way to tap an audience is through promotions and discounts. Customers love promotional offers and discounts and this acts as a push factor for them to shop more. Try offering discounts or promotional coupons along with your flyer. This will help customers to act upon faster as they fear missing out on the offers coming with your flyer. Also, give a prompt to your audience on what they should be doing once they are done reading the flyer. Mention lines like ‘people who register immediately will win certain benefits.’

Focus on quality

First impressions are very much necessary. Print your flyer on high quality paper with glossy finish. No matter how hard you work on designing your flyer everything goes in vain if the print is not good. Don’t compromise on the print quality. A well printed flyer will help create a great first impression and may push the customer to invest in your products or services. Apart from this, try adding some creativity during the print like creating a 3D effect or some glittery effect. You can use these effects on important areas of your flyer to make it even more discoverable. Try incorporating folded flyer design as these have their own uniqueness. It will make your flyer stand out against hundreds of other flyers. It will also help in guiding your customer to your preferred information flow. Decide on how you will print your flyer before proceeding with the designing part.


Once done with designing, proofread your flyer and check for any spelling mistakes or wrongly typed contact number. Get someone else to proofread your work. Make sure all the information that you provide is correct and accurate. One minute error in your details might make your whole flyer worthless. So make sure that your flyer is error free before it flies-in for printing.


In the end, you should make sure that your flyer has precise information, striking design and perfect finish. Always try creating a flyer from the customer’s point of view. Only then you will be able to deliver a flyer that would appeal to your customer. Hope these best business flyer designer help you in promoting your business.

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Business Flyer Designer, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..


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