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7 Ways AI Is Set to Transform the Post Pandemic Work Culture

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In the last six months, the world has witnessed history’s greatest “Work from Home” experiment. With an immediate stay at home order, employees in most organizations did not get enough time to manage to bring work home. A lot of business owners who once thought of work from home as a suspicious and not a reliable policy. The outbreak of the pandemic has some different results to show. The productivity of the employees has increased several folds and they resonate with the business better.


Everyone is struggling to survive the pandemic and move forward, but none know when the unprecedented time would come to an end. Even when things go normal, nothing is going to be the same. We would be entering a modified workspace that would be majorly driven by technology. With some advanced enterprise mobility solutions, employees would find it really interesting to take their office home and work as per their ease.

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Artificial intelligence is one technology that would play a major role in getting things back in place like good old times.

Artificial Intelligence Would Transform the Work Culture

The novel CoronaVirus has brought with itself some major adaptations. Employees would never feel the same in their workplace as it was before the outbreak. The technological adaptations would only better and inline the current scenario, making it the future. Experts share here how technology would drive the world in the future.


1. Easy Tracking of Remote Employees

Even after the world will start coping with the conditions a significant percentage of the business owners would let their employees work from home. It would become for these employees to connect personally with the team for better performance. With CVS (Computer Vision Systems) it would become more convenient to connect. Analyzing screens and data would be easier. Monitoring the workplace would be more convenient and need fewer resources.


2. Personalized Learning Experience for Team

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning make it easier for organizations to come up with personalized learning experiences. They capture the data, process it, and build solutions that would interest the employees.

The work of the Human Resource team is reduced here, but at the same time, it has become more detailed.


3. Modified Mobile Technology

The usage of mobile technology has modified the work culture to a great extent. With so many business based communication channels coming up with various apps, time tracking systems, screenshots capturing, all these basic monitoring tools have become a reality now. With better monitoring and more understanding, things have changed. Employees have started enjoying the remote working policy and are going the extra mile to ensure they are not going to the office again.


4. Man-Machine Partnership Gets Stronger

Many organizations around the world have employed robots to assist in some of the tasks. Imagine a workplace where you see robots sitting next to you accomplishing their part of the work. Although this was never a popular trend in the pre-pandemic era bit in the post-pandemic area this would become an interesting thing to watch out for.


Bars and restaurants too have appointed various machines that would make it easier for them to cut their expenses and reduce human interaction.


5. Artificial Intelligence Helps Analyze Data

The most important tool to beat your competition is Data. If the data collected is artificial Intelligence helps organizations analyze the data collected and come up with information that would extend the working of the organizations for their good.  not modified to result in something interesting and insightful it would do no good.


6. Add New Dimension to Marketing and Sales

With advanced chatbots integrated with your business, you don’t need a lot of people involved in sales. Yes, social distancing has become an essential practice and people don’t involve a lot of strangers around. In this situation, chatbots have an important role to lay. They need to be more specific and clear when addressing any query.


7. Artificial Intelligence Is Adding to Productivity

With artificial intelligence put to work, things would become easier to evaluate. Easy to maintain records and manage calendars. AI would also make it easier for employees to deliver what is expected of them and bring on the table more things.

Wrapping This Up!

We aren’t sure when we would move forward. Or maybe we have walked a long way and aren’t sure if this is the new normal. But surely once we are back to our workplaces it would never feel the same way as it did six months ago. Artificial Intelligence and other technologies would be your new colleague. Just be prepared to enter the new normal soon.


Author’s Bio

Scarlett is a technical writer associated with A3logics. She has a keen interest in today’s technology. With an eagerness to explore all the advancements the technology has in store, she is generally found reading journals and discussing with the professional software development team on the same. A tech geek by nature, in her leisure time, she loves to visit nearby cafes and enjoy some coffee with a book.

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