9 Facts About Netflix That You Should Know About  

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There’s no doubt that Netflix has become the ultimate streaming platform. It is one of the most popular services around the world that is known for providing quality entertainment through its unique and original content. Whether it is films, series, or documentaries, there is something for everyone on this platform. However, to enjoy this service without any issues, you must be subscribed to a reliable ISP. I knew how important it was to have a high-speed internet connection to stream my favorite shows seamlessly. This is why I didn’t hesitate to call customer support after learning about the Spectrum offers. I opted for their Ultra internet plan and it has been working fine for me so far.

Now, even though the popularity of Netflix has soared tremendously over the past few years, there are some things that you may not be aware of. Curious to know what they are? If so then read through the following seven facts about this amazing platform.

1. It Was Once Known as Kibble

Did you know that Netflix had a different name when it was in its early stages? The co-founder of this streaming service, Marc Randolph told Fortune that the platform was initially called Kibble. However, the name was just a placeholder. He and his partner, Reed Hastings later brainstormed ideas for the name till they both agreed on Netflix.

2. Netflix Was Almost Bought by Blockbuster

You may not know this but Netflix was almost bought by Blockbuster in 2000. The co-founder of the streaming service, Reed Hastings made an offer to the CEO of Blockbuster John Antioco that if he would like to purchase the business for $50 million. Antioco however declined!

3. The Streaming Platform Hosted Its Own Award Show

Netflix hosted its own award ceremony in 2013. It was called, ‘The Flixies.’ This was a fan-based award show in which the viewers were asked to vote for their favorite flick under fun categories such as ‘Best Hangover Cure’ and ‘Best Guilty Pleasure.’

4. House of Cards Is Not Its First Original Show

Many people think that ‘House of Cards’ was the first original show produced by Netflix. You don’t know how wrong you are. You see, this streaming service has been experimenting with video formats and capabilities long before they made any of their original content available. While testing new things, they created an 11-minute video entitled, ‘Example Show.’ It was a goofy piece that featured model trains, moonwalking, and juggling. It even included a monologue from Julius Caesar.

5. Netflix Is Older Than Google

Yes, you read that right! Netflix has indeed been around longer than Google as the company was established in 1977, a year earlier than the latter. However, it rented out DVDs by mail during the late 90s.

6. You Can Adjust Bit Rate & Buffering

If you ever wanted to adjust the bit rate of the content that you watch on Netflix, now you can! As per Entertainment Weekly, you can gain access to this option by tapping Shift + Alt + Left click on your PC. If you are using a Mac then simply press Shift + Option + click.

7. User Spends Less Than 2 Minute Browsing Netflix

In 2016, Netflix conducted its research to know how much time it takes for a user to select a movie or a show. The study found out that people usually browsed anywhere from 60 to 90 seconds before they hit play. During this time, they look at 10 or 20 titles.

8. You Can Get A Job at Netflix

A job and that too at Netflix? Yes, the platform hires people to categorize or tag movies and shows with relevant metadata about its content. This will include information such as the name of the director, and will also be responsible for taking care of niche descriptions.

9. Billions of Hours Per Week

The vice president of Netflix’s original content Cindy Holland has stated that a user spends two hours watching his/her favorite content on the platform. Considering 167 million users are subscribed to this streaming service, it makes more than 2 billion hours of content streamed a week! This stat is just mind-blowing.


Netflix has revolutionized the entertainment industry thanks to its impressive library of on-demand video content and original shows. It also kicked off the trend of streaming services and over the years, many other platforms have emerged as a result. But Netflix is just irreplaceable. It is continuing to dominate the streaming market. This service is currently available in a whopping 190 countries. However, despite its popularity, there are many things that people didn’t know about the platform. Hopefully, that is changed now! So, which fact did you find the most interesting?

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