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If you are planning to launch your new eCommerce site then this blog is for you. As customers are getting smarter and their requirements are also changing, you need to make sure everything is done right. The main thing that drives more sales to your eCommerce business is not the product but an engaging and seamless user experience.

So, in this article, we will see a complete checklist for an eCommerce website that will help you take a lead in the digital space and attract more customers. Whether you are revamping your site or migrating it from one platform to another, these tips will help you for sure.

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Optimize the site for mobile users

The first thing on your checklist should be mobile-optimization of your eCommerce website and it has a critical reason behind it. More than 70% of Internet users use their smartphones and other mobile devices to browse and buy products. So, to gather the maximum number of customers on your site, make sure it’s optimized for mobile devices and there is no compromise with the user experience.

Be it categories, images, menu, or the checkout process, everything needs to be easy for mobile users so that they can perform actions faster on their devices. You can opt for SEO services for the assistance.

Check for site speed

As compared to other sites, most of the eCommerce sites are slower due to their structure and size. Be it a large product inventory, high-quality images, or multiple product variations, all these things tend to slow down the site. But to thrive online and generate more sales, you need to keep a keen focus on the loading speed of your site and all the individual pages.

You can use any free tool to check the performance of the site on both desktop and mobile versions. If the tools are showing you some suggestions, then consider doing them and make your site faster. The more quickly your site loads, the more sales you will make than your competitors.

Check all the core customers’ actions

Never skip the user testing of your site as the smallest flaw can cost you heavy money loss. You need to check all the actions that a customer will take on your site. Be it product searching, product selection, choosing the right variant, adding that item to the cart, performing checkout, and exit the billing process successfully without any delay.

There should not be any kind of glitch in any stage of the product buying cycle otherwise the customer will bounce off to some other site. So, don’t rush too much for launching your site, first test and then let customers shop peacefully.

Keep the checkout process short

This is the place where the magic happens and this single step decides whether a site will make or break. You need to understand customers’ psychology here to do the best job. No one wants to spend excessive time purchasing the product after knowing the fact that they can get the thing from another site also.

So, to ensure there are minimum cart drops, keep the checkout process simple and seamless. If your site is asking for too many details for shipping then also it’s a risky scenario. Keep the process short and to the point to thrive online. There are many sites that offer anonymous shopping in which the users don’t have to create an account for purchasing something. This feature is quite useful as it gains customers’ trust as you are not collecting too many unnecessary details.

Add a blog section

The best way to sell more products is by educating the audience about what you are selling. A simple value-adding blog section helps you in selling more products without running many paid marketing campaigns. Whatever you are selling, make sure you upload all the necessary details that your customers would need to know in the future.

Creating a blog section and a knowledge base boost customer trust as you are helping them in choosing the right product. The blog section also acts as your promotion center where you can publish content about discount coupons and what’s new in the store.

Always interact with customers

Interacting with your customers helps you gain higher trust and this small gesture turns one-time shoppers into loyal customers. If someone has purchased from your site, send Thank You emails and also send feedback emails regarding product quality and service.

On the flip side, if customers have not shopped and bounced off from the site from the checkout page, you should send them follow-up emails and in some cases, a discount coupon. These small gestures will help you gain those customers.

These were some important things that you can follow and make your eCommerce site more productive. This is the fundamental checklist that applies to every eCommerce site and following this, you will for sure notice drastic changes.

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