Aahaar Kranti Mission Launched by Dr Harsh Vardhan  

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Mission Aahaar Kranti has launched one of the greatest strategies for the people by the Dr. Harsh Vardhan. Recently the world has gone through a lot and also still witnessing some rough and tough situation.  That is why it is so important to focus on our products in which we invest in, the foods we consume. All matters and that is why it becomes all important to take care of few things and health stands first into the list.

Condition in India

India is an abundant country and it is able in producing grains and pulses in good amount.  It is not just a out grains and pulses, they can produce foods in sufficient amount but the percentage says people in India are not getting food in right quality.  They are unable to get things that way, moreover they are serving with malfunction and this is something which people need to take care of. Each one will have to take care of their own responsibility and they will have to understand that health is something that really matters. A recent data has revealed people in India are going through malfunction and it has really something to do with these things.

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Why Aahaar Kranti is necessary? 

Recent news has broken off with the good news that those who have been taken care of their health and did exercises each day with dedication and determination. So if you have take care of your health and diet then bingo you have saved your life.  It is so important that you take care of your health each day and you need to also put efforts each day on your health. So we all need to reach ourselves and people who are around us how to take care of few things like our health.  In fact this strategy is trying to take care of health of people and also trying to aware people with their health. So if you are also concerned about your health in real then this is the best time to focus there.

So the focus should be on nutritional balanced diets and now people must be confused with few of things how food exactly should be. So if you really are looking for taking care of your health then move yourself to the local foods. There is one thing which people are still unaware of their health. This is the reason more than half of the population of India is unaware of so many things health and about super foods.  You can do little of the research and know about these things in a better way. Super foods are something people should include into their diet and it is very local, hygienic, cheap and full of good health. But today many brands are taking about super foods but with less information. Super foods are always something people could afford and it should be under 100 meter of your area where it is being grown. Although, government are working day and night to bring that consciousness among people. These super foods are also on the other hand, healing, full of nutrients.

Motto of this Aahaar Kranti  

According to government they are about to bring a new change for the people. This is the reason they have decided to bring this consciousness in the life of people. That is why, government has decided that they would educate teachers so that it could cover things in the larger scale. On the other hand, when children would learn through teachers they will be able to inculcate good habits at such a younger age.  These are some of the reasons government has taken a wise decision and they are trying to even implement this.

In the United States of America they have declared this 2021, as the year of International fruits and vegetables.  The government are encouraging people with cultivating good habits and investing time and money in the health, because in India earning is important but people hardly have thought this way that they also need to take care of their health too. They should invest their money in the health too.

What is take of India in it? 

India is totally an abundant country and this country is rich in so many ways. They are blessed because they have scriptures like Ayurveda and all, this could help them in balancing their diet even more consciously and effectively. The only thing they have to do is take care of few things.

Vijnana Bharti (Vibha)  and Global Indian Scientists and Technocrats have recently announced that Forum are hatching plan to aim to set Aahaar Kranti as a model for the entire world to follow. Everyone knows this that India has been one of country which has been called as ‘World Guru’ for ages in the matter of diet and nutrition. The role of India is tremendous I’m the discoveries and terms of science, technology and innovations. That is why the role of it is supposed to be greater again. It is good step to make people aware of what is going around and how things should be. Because this way they can help each other for further.

Role of individuals

When it comes to health government can only do is to introduce people with things but the next step should be of people. They will have to be that way and take steps towards their health and safety. It is so of course obvious that people today are investing in so many things but they need to take care of their health too. It is equally important and matters for people.

You have the best option and you can decide what truly matters for you and what not.  Your health is in your hand and you got to take care if your health. So India is trying their best with the nutrients and for the better agriculture. They are doing their best and also trying to bring conscious among people so that everyone can become part of it.



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