Advantages of Owning a Smart Home Systems

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You cannot say that you do not appreciate the benefits of Smart Home Systems. It has long surpassed most of all modern inventions, including the invention of automatic homes, wearable technologies, and modern connected cars. Although it is not a very new system, the interest in smart home systems has increased and is still increasing with more and more releases every day.

Houses are getting smarter and smarter as time goes on. Could there be anything not to love about voice assistants and the possibility of controlling just about everything from your doorbell to your thermostat or fountain systems? You can use these fully automatic systems to manage your security system, turn on / off any device in your home while you are out, and even control how you left your home while on vacation, whether you forgot something or not.

Today, a smart home is a preferred choice for people all over the world.

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What is a smart home?

To begin with, for a smart home, all you need is the installation of a certain kind of technology, a smart device to connect, and an internet connection. You can integrate your entire area into this system, and thanks to advanced routers and wireless connectivity, you can do this faster, cheaper, and more effectively than ever before.

According to engineer Esther Colmenero, who also helps her students effectively write resumes in England, the smart home is “literally what the whole world looks forward to.” This concept defines a house that uses a technology-oriented network that allows people to use the technology they use in their daily lives flexibly and securely, to easily connect to, control, and monitor various devices.

The smart home is far beyond a normal home. For example, many companies use numerous tools to speed up and control work in their offices. Managers can access their computers to control the work and progress of workers in their teams, make final checks of the work completed before they are added to the system, and control everything from the temperature of the workplace to the operation of the security systems.

Why Do You Need a Smart home?

Before moving on to the advantages of smart home technologies, let’s answer that most striking question;

What can a smart home do for you?

Many people prefer to buy this technology in order to be able to control what is happening at home, to prevent accidents caused by carelessness, and even to prepare their homes in a way that suits their tastes when they return home from the outside.

Imagine that you are on vacation and you need to go back to an icy home. You no longer need to ask a neighbor to help heat your home. With smart home systems, you can easily set this remotely while you’re on the road or even a few days before you go home.

Or if you have a pet and want to see its status, you can add a simple home camera to your system so you can check it at any time and make sure it is okay. The same applies to children or elderly people who need to be alone in your home while you are at work.

And let’s not forget stressful situations in which you are not sure that you have turned off the heater, oven, or any appliance in your kitchen before leaving the house. This boring situation can happen to all of us, especially when we are in a hurry.

One of our customers shared their experience, “Once we were packing and trying to catch our plane for a vacation. I had cooked something in the oven for our children, and when we got to the airport, my husband asked me if I had turned off the oven. I froze. I couldn’t be sure whether I had turned it off. So, just to make sure, we had to return home to check in order to avoid a mishap, and naturally, we missed our flight,” he said. Experts say that situations like this can ruin your vacation, make you come back sooner than you should, or cause you to worry all day while in the office. With a smart home, you can easily manage such crisis situations and easily turn on / off everything in your home without the need to move from your seat.

Today there are so many options available, you can choose to automate almost everything in your home, and connect all your devices to work together. For example, you can have your smoke and natural gas detectors automatically send your thermostat shutdown message in case of any gas leak or fire. You can also use technologies such as Alexa, Philips Hue, or Nest to lock the door of your vehicle, dim / increase house lights or adjust the temperature in the house.

Smart Home Pros

What are the advantages of turning your home into a smart home?


Isn’t that pretty obvious? Smart home technology has been invented to make life easier for the user. Convenience is the starting point for most of these types of devices and is one of the biggest reasons people spend money on these systems. You can set things up, turn them off and on without having to get out of bed, stand up, or go back home. You can also schedule the processes of these requests without worrying about anything.

This saves us from minor but really important difficulties, such as turning on the heaters before waking up or turning off the lights after going to bed. The system can brew your coffee and allow you to go to your modular kitchen only once to get it. Or, if you forgot your coffee maker turned on and went to work, it might turn it off automatically.

Energy efficiency

Home automation systems have also proven themselves in providing energy efficiency. You can use them to control or pre-program the temperature according to the time of day or days of the week. If you feel like changing something, you can adjust it and check it out while you’re outside of your home.

Security and Protection

Making sure that your home and the people in it are safe and sound is probably your first priority. You can use smart home technology to protect your belongings and family from thieves and accidents. With a security camera, you can control who enters/exits your home even if you are far away, and you can easily control your children or the elderly and pets in your home.

 Authors Bio

Digvijay Rajdaan is Sr. interior designer at Design By Lavassa. He is an award-winning interior designer of residential and commercial spaces. He strives to design unique interiors that will have a positive impact on his clients’ lives.

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