Apple company earns more than 80 billion dollars last month

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Apple is also known as the world’s best multinational organization explained their profit for this year 2021. In the third month of this year, their profit reached more than 89 billion dollars. Even in a pandemic situation, apple reached its profit with the help of its customers all over the world.

When compared to last year, now apple gained 36 percent of profit in this third month itself. Apple Chief executing manager, Tim cook said that we have reached more profit than in past years and we would like to thank our customers around the world.

We all know familiar with one thing that is apple products are the best known for their fantastic specifications and designs. If you made a comparison with other brands that are manufacturing the same kind of products, then they will never replace the role of apple at any time. In general, apple organization working on designing and implement hardware and software of a device with unique specifications. If you find any of their application or hardware device in online or a shop, it may charge more to afford. People with a minimum will move to other hardware shops and application stores. But if people with a maximum budget and looking for a high-quality device or application then, they will move to Apple devices without a doubt.

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Even if they charging more for their devices and applications, still more people trying to purchase them regularly. It clearly shows that people not considering the price but, they are also looking for the best quality devices at any time. Due to continuous updates and clear implementation of their product, apple’s organization placed the main role in its platform.  

Apple vs other hardware manufacturing organizations

Apple’s organization is unique. It means no one can steal or overtake their ideas and their implementation. For example, imagine a list of computer hardware manufacturing organizations with huge financial backgrounds. Now they are competing with each other with their inventions and support to its customers. Later, they are trying to overtake apple organization with continuous effort. But, in reality, they can’t achieve this, because the apple is like a hill for them. They can climb to the top of it, but they can’t move it. This is the fact that, most of the best multinational companies like apple playing an important role to their users. This is why people will always choose apple products as the best one among other brands.

In this year, from January to march, Apple earned more than 23 billion dollars with help of its customers. They received more than 89 billion dollars for their sales over these months. Apple organization bagged 36 percent of its income within three months of this year 2021. It is a huge success for them even in pandemic conditions around the world.

The reason behind this peak 

At present, if you are an IT employee or working in either the development or manufacturing sectors, you will choose work from home as the best option. So, people working at home will prefer to buy a qualified device and hardware for their support. This might be the reason for apple sales this year. Apple organization is also known for its operating system called, “MAC”. In this operating system, they will install and run all of their software before deploying it to its customers. Previously, they used an intel processor to support the windows operating system on its device, but now they introduced another processor named M1 silicon. M1 silicon is perfect in its speed and performance over intel. So, most of the windows users purchased apple devices with M1 silicon as the processor this year. It results in maximum sales for the apple organization for the past three months.

Having less stock to deliver

People purchasing many apple products day by day, so, it should manufacture more than that apart from its customer needs. Managing director of apple organization, Mr. Tim cook said, to continue the supply chain, we need to maintain the stock for the upcoming customers. Otherwise, it may result in a loss of supply.

iPhone with 5G internet feature

After they introduced the brand-new iPhone 12, their earnings started from the beginning of this year 2021. Here, this iPhone gave them an income of 48 billion dollars within three months. Some technical advisors expected that this iPhone 12 will come with 5G internet feature. Their expectation became true now on this iPhone 12.

Meanwhile, Apple made an income of 16 billion dollars with other of its services. Director of Apple, Mr. Tim also said, we understood the customer’s support after introducing our new iPhone device. So, it helped us to know more about their requirements at the end of last month.

China is the largest place behind apple success

Apple organization having a head office in Cupertino, California. It has branches in many countries around the world. China is maintaining a huge sale for apple products till now. This year, Apple received more than 17 billion dollars from Chinese customers.

When comes to India, most people love to have iPhone on their hand. For previous iPhone devices like iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and, SE people in India showed a huge response while purchasing it. Sometimes, Apple’s organization will never explain the sales in India for the past years. India is known as the biggest sales area for apple products. For the past years, India has ordered more than 1 million iPhones for its customers. Due to huge need, India ordering more than customer expectation. Last week, the apple organization introduced its newly recreated products on a spring-loaded meet in California. There we can see the apple iPad having a small screen and other specifications for iPhone 12. On that day, they also introduced a new IOS version called, “IOS 14.5” in front of the audience.

Apart from sales, apple also concentrating on share markets. So, it is also helping apple to make their earnings exponentially. Other Largest companies like Facebook, Microsoft earned less than apple’s total earnings for the past three months. Apple is looking for customer satisfaction, so, it’s working mainly on its implementation and designs every year to maintain in its place.

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