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application for missing voter id card in the police station


The application for missing voter ID cards in the police station is being made by the people who cannot find their original ID cards. The concerned police station or any government agency authorized to collect this form from the applicants will provide the application.

application for missing voter id card in the police station
application for missing voter id card in the police station


  • Name:
  • Surname:
  • Date of Birth (month & year):
  • Age (as of 1st July):
  • Permanent Address:
  • Police Station Area: (For example, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai)



A surname is the last name of a person. The surname is mainly placed after the given word—for example, Peter John Smith.

Permanent address

  • Permanent address of the applicant,
  • Address of police station where the applicant lives,
  • Address of the parents or spouse, or siblings of the applicant, if applicable (including father’s name, mother’s name and date of birth for spouses),
  • If there is no permanent address for any reason (for example, due to security issues), then an affidavit from an acceptable authority stating that no such permanent address exists

Police station area

It would help to visit the district or local police station to get a voter ID card. After reaching there, submit an application for the missing voter id card in the police station along with the required documents. The officials will verify your address and other details before issuing you a duplicate voter ID card copy. You can also apply online if you have lost your original one and don’t have time to go to the Police Station personally. However, all the details given by you must be correct so as not to end up getting rejected later on when applying for any government services like passport or driving license etc.,

Election card number

  • Voter ID card number: The ten-digit number printed on the back of your voter ID card in black ink, written in capital letters and is a combination of numbers and the alphabet.
  • What is a Voter ID? A voter identity card is an official document issued by the Election Commission which contains the details of an individual’s name, address, photo etc. It also includes a unique identification number that can be used to verify if someone has already voted or not. This will help prevent duplication in the voting process.


  • You must be 18 years old.
  • This includes permanent, conditional, temporary, and any other person who the federal government has granted this status.
  • If you are not a citizen but believe you have an exception to this requirement, please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your state for more information on how to apply for your state-issued ID card or driver’s license.
  • Your application will be rejected if these requirements are not met, so make sure you have all of the necessary documents before attempting to submit one online.
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Date of birth

In law, the date of birth is a date that records the day, month and year an individual was born. This can be used for identification purposes such as obtaining passports or driver’s licenses. The format of these dates varies depending on location and context. In most cases, two digits represent the month and two for the day, with four digits representing the year.[2][3]

application use this format

Here are some essential steps to follow:

  • Use this format when filling out the application form, and give a copy of your Rajya Sabha Election ID Card.
  • Use this date of birth format (DD/MM/YYYY). If you don’t know how to find it, type in your name and click search. The date should display on the first page. If it doesn’t, there’s probably an error with your registration details; contact the Election Commission of India for help with that situation if needed!
  • Use this time format (hhmmss) when filling out the box for your phone number in case a polling officer needs to contact you about anything related to voter registration or identification issues during elections later down the line.
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Missing Voter ID Card

The police are in the business of serving and protecting their citizens. They ensure that you are safe from harm and can enjoy your rights as a citizen. Every day, they assist their local communities by helping with reporting crimes, investigating crimes and keeping the peace. They also work with other law enforcement agencies to ensure justice is served when someone breaks the law. In addition, they help keep our country secure by providing information on possible threats or attacks that may occur within our borders or abroad. So when an individual loses their voter ID card while applying for one at the police station, then what should be done?

The first step is going there immediately after losing it so you can get another one issued right away before anything else happens, like getting arrested because of this missing document which could take weeks just searching for it alone before getting released back into society again without any charges made against them whatsoever just because someone else found my name first before me, therefore, taking advantage of the opportunity being given towards us all nowadays without any worries about anything no matter how small or large might seem like during times such as this**Outline of the post: