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Bigg Boss 16: Abdu Rozik Opens Up To MC Stan On Trolls – “People Write Bad Stuff To Me”

Abdu Rozik shared this image. (courtesy: abdu_rozik)

New Delhi:

It’s been almost a week since the Bigg Boss journey of 16 contestants started in the circus-themed set-up. Every day comes with a set of challenges, arguments, and disagreements. On Day 6, fans witnessed a friendship brewing between rapper MC Stan and Tajikistan singer Abdu Rozik. MC Stan, who has been feeling low and wished to return home, was consoled by Abdu Rozik. MC Stan said that he doesn’t “want money or fame” as he was living a pretty good life before entering the house. Abdu Rozik then suggested that the rapper must not pay attention to negative comments. Abdu Rozik went on to reveal that people call him “kachra” on social media but these remarks only make him stronger.

“In my Instagram, so many people come and write bad stuff to me, ‘hey you are kachra,’ bad, very bad, but it makes me strong. Life can’t always be happy, there are sad moments also. I love Bigg Boss because I am getting to learn about people and many other things,” Abdu Rozik said.

The singer added, “Outside, my name is Abdu Rozik and I am a celebrity but here we all are the same. Here you are working, cleaning, doing all your work and understanding. You won’t always be a superstar or have money. There can’t be people always around you doing your work.” Abdu Rozik and MC Stan’s heartwarming conversation impressed viewers. A few days ago, a section of users trolled MC Stan on Twitter for being unruly.

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