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Bigg Boss 16, Day 56 Updates: Contestants lose half ration over Archana’s fault, Shalin has a romantic surprise for Tina on her birthday!

New Delhi: Today’s episode starts with a cranky Tina because of her last night’s fight with Shalin. She and Shiv get into argument because of her anger, Nimrit asks the ‘Uttaran’ actress to calm down as she sounds like Soundarya. Tina, later, apologises to Sumbul for her behaviour after seeing the conversation between the actress with her father.

Nimrit again loses her cool, this time because of Tina’s behaviour. Abdu and Shiv console her, assure her that she is right and very strong. Archana on the other hand has a hilarious conversation with Soundarya over pee and poop.

Tina and Shalin’s fight is clearly visible in the house and therefore, Archana provokes Soundarya to tease Shalin and make the actress jealous. Priyanka and Ankit get into a fight due to a few gestures.

Soundarya talks to Shalin, actor tells her that he knows what their trick is and they shouldn’t do all this as he openly accepts that he is scared of Tina. Archana on the other hand is shocked by Ankit’s stay in the house by doing absolutely nothing.

Sumbul makes a big statement as she reveals her pact with Nimrit and Sajid that if Fahmaan does not get married till he is 40, he and Sumbul will happily tie the knot. Priyanka and Ankit try to patch things up with a little cozy romance.

Then begins the Big Bulletin with Shekhar Suman segment where the actor teases all the gharwalas. Makes fun of most of them, mostly Tina’s hygiene remark. Actress gets upset, cries after the segment get over.

Nimrit is irritated by Tina and does not want her to be the captain no matter what. Tina on the other hand wants BB to make her the captain, no matter what, so she asks BB herself for it as a birthday gift. Nimi on the other hand, talks to Soundarya, and both realise that Tina brought distance between them.

PriyAnkit get into a fight again, on the other hand, Nimrit, Abdu, Shiv, Stan and Sumbul have a pillow fight. The ‘mandli‘ is sure that their priority is Nimrit, not Tina. 

Archana, Soundarya, Shalin, Priyanka and Ankit fell asleep in the middle of the day. Bigg Boss punishes them with the ‘throw the water’ task, Archana refuses to do it. Shiv convinces her, still she has her own terms and conditions. Archana calls BB unfair and threats him and all the gharwalas. BB stops the task as he is pissed at Archana. As a punishment for all, he takes away half the ration from the house.

Archana is still in attitude and believes she did nothing wrong. Fights with Nimrit, Abdu, Priyanka and Shiv; calls herself ‘Dabangg…’

Today was an ‘aao behen chugli karein‘ day at the BB house as everybody was either mimicking or bitching about one another. For one group the topic was Priyanka and Ankit, for the other one it was Gautam and Soundarya. Some even are unsure and curious about Shalin and Tina!

Sajid explains Archana why she was wrong, she finally understands and tries to make amends with everyone, prepares sweets for all gharwalas.

As a sweet gesture for the people who were punished for sleeping, BB sends steamers into the house; Archana regrets her decision.

Everybody celebrates Tina’s birthday at midnight, Shalin plans a romantic surprise in the room for her. The ‘Uttaran’ actress is overwhelmed, and hugs Shalin. Archana on the other hand is planning on how to sleep in the house without getting noticed!