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Brian laundrie and know more detail

Brian laundrie and know more detail


An American tragedy which has caught on media and citizens attention for about 3 months that seems to have almost reached is culmination. The case of gabby petito and brian laundrie case has been displayed with number of open end speculations and theories seems to be settling down since brian laundrie remains were recently found by FBI.


Who is brian laundrie?

Brian laundry was Gabby petito’s fiancé who went missing after gabby petito was found dead in county Wyoming, US. In this case the only person of interest in gabby petito death is now found dead himself it looks like an impasse has surfaced in this case. The long trip across the United States turned into an unfortunate in for two people who brings sad to their followers. Brian laundry was 23 years old when he was found missing which was reported by his parents to the authorities. The couples became famous by updating their travel stories continuously in Instagram and YouTube. Since gabby petito usually will post her travel history and travel updates including with brian laundrie updates by the way both of them had multiple numbers of followers for their social media page. So most of the people were eager to know what happened to them and who is behind them for this tragedy which happened for these lovable couples.

Gabby petito

Gabby petito will always try to establish herself as a travel influencer on a social media and she used to document her trips with her followers. Gabby petito was a popular Pharmacy technician that helped to save her life according to the New York. Brian laundrie and Gabby petito met as teens in a long island and they have always had a rocky relationship according to their friends many of them used the term toxic to describe their love. However despite of lot of troubles both the people had engaged in 2020. Several years before Gabby petito lived in south and she worked at smoke on the water in Wilmington that is situated in North Carolina where the community is currently mourning her loss. The report has been submitted that the restaurant staff has told CNN that she had a sweet disposition and that she touches so many lives. And this is one of the heart breaking stories which took over the nation.


Journey of the couples begin

By the year June 2021 Gabby petito and Brian laundrie embarked happy journey across the United States to visit the National Park in a white ford van that was owned by Gabby petito. Gabby petito who always wanted to document their trip and regularly posted their content setting the travel goals on social media since the followers was waiting for the post of Gabby petito. And the couple has multiple followers in the social media since they almost update their travel stories in addition Gabby petito family was in constant communication with her while before her disappearance somewhere around at the end of August month.


Body footage

The couple happily posted adorable videos of their trip on the social media which reveal the dark Side to the journey on August 12th. Those people were updating attractive photos and videos in social media continuously regarding their trip. Utah police officials found the two of their body camera footage shows that Gabby petito and Brian laundrie was sitting in the Van with Gabby petito sobbing constantly this was found that couple were in fight.


Witnessing couples tussle

Between the August 17 and 27th a few more people witnessed Brian laundrie and Gabby petito altercation in which the report was on 911 by a couple passing by and another incident was reported that in restaurant where Gabby petito was visibly in tears and Brian laundrie found was getting angry at the restaurant staff. This particular incident report was in Teton Wyoming Gabby petito made contact with her family for the last time before going missing. The last text that her family received from her was no service in Yosemite. And this report was collected by CNN.


Gabby officially found missing

After 10 days that was spent in Oblivion Gabby parents decided to file missing report at Suffolk county New York on September 11th. Gabby’s family wrote a letter to the Brian family in requesting them to assist the police for the investigation since we have not been able to sleep or eat and our lives are falling apart. Please tell us if we are even looking in the right place and please inform us where Gabby is located.


Search of gabby

Brian’s family approached the authorities and gabby’s family to stay that they had not seen their son by since September 14th after which fully fledged search operation was started to look for Gabby and Brian laundrie. While a search party was looking for brian at Carlton reserve in Venice Florida and a search party was trying to dick up the earth regarding Gabby petito disappearance at Grand Teton National Park which is located in Wyoming. By September 19th police found human remains in the county and later on September 12th forensics conformed that the remains where that of Gabby petito.


After Gabby petito remains were found death was revealed and it was believed that gabby was strangulated to death. Brian became the prime suspect in the case and the police authorities including FBI revamped in the search for brian. By October 20th police officials reported of what looked like the skeleton which remains of a human accompanied by a backpack and the notebook at Carlton reserve area Sarasota County, Florida. And those items that were found near belong to brian which was confirmed by brian’s family.



The forensic team based upon dental records conformed that skeletal elements found was Brian laundrie who is the primary Person of Interest in the disappearance of gabby. The police believe that brians body which was found in the condition due to the wild life elements found in that area which includes alligators and wild pigs.