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“Bro Howzit, I know I stole your laptop yesterday…, thief’s mail to laptop owner make Twitterati go crazy

New Delhi: Zweli Thixo, a Twitter user, posted a screenshot of an email he received from the thief who took his laptop. The thief apologised for taking the laptop and explained why he was compelled to do so in the mail. The thief discovered that the laptop had crucial documents, which he volunteered to transmit if required.

They stole my laptop last night, and they wrote me an email using my email, so now I’m feeling conflicted, said Zweli Thixo in a post that included a screenshot of the email with the description, “They stole my laptop last night.” (Also Read: ‘This food is very tasty. I ate it…:’ Food delivery man texts the customer; Netizens react)

Brother Howzit, I am aware that yesterday I took your laptop. I was in need of cash because I’d been having financial difficulties. I see you were working on a study proposal. I’ve attached it, and if you need any further files, let me know by Monday at noon since I’ve found a customer. Once more, dude, ngiyacolisa,” the email begins. (Also Read: OMG! A dentist uses her mother’s milk to make jewellery; buyers laud mementoes)

In the subject column, the thief mentioned “sorry for the laptop.” After the post goes viral, several individuals posted their experiences in the comments section. “I experienced a related incident. He broke into my car and stole my laptop bag, which had my ID, licence, wallet, and other items. He pulled items like his laptop, iPad, and R70 out of his wallet before dropping the bag off at the Spar parcel counter, according to a user.

“At the back of one of my business cards I had my cousin’s number written on a pen, he dropped the bag with the note “This laptop bag is stolen, please trace its owner using this number as he may be desperate for his documents inside”. I was touched, I couldn’t believe it,” he further said.