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BTS: Suga Tries His Hand at Cello, V Plays the Piano for Jungkook in Latest Bangtan Bomb Video

There is no doubt about the professionalism of the South Korean band BTS who have conquered the world with their music. However, the septet also enjoys indulging in fun shenanigans quite often as the latest Bangtan Bomb video shows. The video from last year showed how the members killed the time before their virtual performance began.

The two-minute video begins with Jimin and J-Hope walking up to a piano that is placed on the stage. Jimin sits down to play the piano and starts singing Butter, as J-Hope looks at him with a knowing smile. The singer certainly was in the mood for fun as he continued singing even when the piano tunes were not supporting the melody. J-Hope continues to play the piano sans his singing and showcases how much he knows the instrument.

In the next shot, we see Suga walking up to an elegant cello which was placed right next to the piano. The rapper and the songwriter starts playing the cello. After taking its feel for a while, the 28-year-old rapper walks away. Inspired by Suga, V aka Kim Taehyung also walks up to the giant instrument and tries to play it. Even though V was still getting his hair done, the singer was quite dedicated to playing the cello. Viewers then see Suga playing the piano with a very business-like expression.

Observing Suga, Taehyung tells fellow BTS members Jungkook and J-Hope, that the rapper is playing, “like a boyfriend or a hero in a fairy tale.” Jungkook could be seen echoing the tune played by Suga, like an awestruck fan.

After Suga leaves the piano, Taehyung executes his own idea of playing an imaginary character playing the piano while waiting for someone special. As he played the piano, V in his character looks at Jungkook and says, “You came?” Jungkook then suggests V, “You should come up with an alternate character too.”

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