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Cat enjoys as human gives it eyedrops and a face massage video goes viral- WATCH

Korea: One of the most popular activities on the Internet is watching animals, whether they be cats or dogs, go about their regular lives. Additionally, one can watch how an adorable pet cat receives eyedrops from its owner in a video that was just just uploaded on Instagram. And with good reason, the video became highly popular on social media only from this one action. The adorable cat is seen facing the camera at the beginning of the clip and gazing right into it.

As the video goes on, it becomes clear how the cat is given an eye drop in each eye before its caretaker gently rubs it in. On the Instagram profile for the cat with the handle Hoseob, its caption, which is in Korean, has been posted. It has more than 4.2 lakh followers.

This video, which was posted on August 30 and has now received over 2.39 lakh likes. Additionally, the cat video has garnered a number of amusing and complimentary comments.