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Covid-19 India Live Update: CM ArvindKejriwal Urged The Centre To Permit Covid Vaccine For All

In the last five days, India has seen the fastest increase in Covid-19 infections in nearly the previous ten months, increasing over 39% as a seven-day average of daily cases during this period. As per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MHFW), Coronavirus is part of several viruses that cause disease in humans or animals. Read all the Coronavirus latest news from here.

On 18th March 2021, Delhi CM (ArvindKejriwal) insisted the Centre permit the vaccination of all people above 18 in India’s states. The chief minister (ArvindKejriwal) appealed that if the immunization eligibility criteria are relaxed, the government may inoculate the complete Delhi people in three months. The eligibility criteria for the Covid-19 vaccination are still stringent.

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The Delhi CM (ArvindKejriwal) said: “Allow us instead create a list of persons who all are not eligible, such as people below 18 and people with definite medical circumstances. We will provide the vaccination for all ages of people. ArvindKejriwal also appealed to the Centre to permit states to distribute the inoculation procedure and vaccinate people on a war balance. Nearly 35,000 to 40,000 vaccines are being injected each day.

New Covid-19 Cases In Delhi: 

On 17th March 2021, the Health Department said that 536 new Covid-19 cases were reported in Delhi, the highest in almost 40 days. As per the Health Department, the number of active Coronavirus cases rose to 2,800 from 2,488 a day earlier. The Delhi government is consulting with professionals from its own, and the Central government is taking all the possible actions to investigate the increase in COVID-19 cases.

On Thursday, 590 coronavirus cases were recorded; nearly 300 are under observation, and almost more people died from COVID-19 infection, reaching 10,948 at the time of death. The bulletin states that three new newcomers took the toll, although the positivity rate of 10,948 increased to 0.66 percent. The manufacture of vaccines in India has increased significantly, and vaccination is open for all. Total new 53,080 cases are recorded, and nearly 84 persons died in the last 24 hours.

Many states in India are observing an alarming increase in cases of Coronavirus. On 18th March 2021, nearly new 23,179 new coronavirus cases are recorded in Maharashtra – the most significant one-day increase in infections this year. The total number of the state increased to 23,70,507. India has vaccinated nearly 3.89 crore people in Punjab, Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat, and Delhi – the highest number of coronavirus cases in the last three days.

Delhi Chief Minister (ArvindKejriwal) to Centre – Open Up Walk-In Vaccinations For All: 

Delhi Chief Minister (ArvindKejriwal) said at present, the number of inoculation centers would be doubled around 500 with both government and private services and facilities. The completion time of vaccination will also increase from 9 am to 9 pm, and 9 am to 5 pm. After that, the health department delivered an order about increasing the timings of coronavirus vaccination.

The Delhi Chief Minister (ArvindKejriwal) recommended that the COVID-19 vaccination procedure be made open for all ages. A walk-in service must be involved in case of a daily vaccination process. Vaccination centers will rise in the upcoming day, the Delhi Chief Minister said. At present, orders have also been delivered to upsurge the vaccination time from 9 am to 5 pm-9 pm.

Coronavirus Live Update – 19th March 2021

  • There have been 39,726 new Coronavirus cases, and 154 people died in India in the last 24 hours. Total 1,15,14,331 Coronavirus cases are recorded in India. The recovery increased to 110,83,679, and a total of 2,71,282 cases are active in the country. Until now, 1,59,370 persons have died in India.
  • The state and the city lengthened their earlier one-day Covid-19 to hit their new peaks on 18th March 2021. Adding 26,833 new infections, Maharashtra exceeded its previous record of 24,886 cases displayed on 11th September. In Mumbai, nearly 2,877 new infections were higher than the earlier high of 2,848 cases reported on 10th October.
  • With the steady increase in coronavirus cases, the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government will start a particular campaign to vaccinate all state jails. In Uttar Pradesh (UP), 1.1 lakh prisoners are lodged in 74 prisons. In Jail, every prisoner will also get the Covid-19 vaccination, said a health department.


  • Adults residing with kids have more “normal colds” than those not living with kids, resulting in fewer severe consequences from SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  • On 18th March 2021, the Madhya Pradesh (MP) government declared a ban on the drive of passenger trains or buses to Maharashtra from 20th March due to an alarming increase in Coronavirus cases in the neighboring state.
  • For the ‘Uthram festival,’ the Sabarimala temple has opened for prayer. The Sabarimala temple will remain open for followers till 28th March. You need to show your COVID19 negative certificate before visiting the temple.
  • Maharashtra reports the highest one-day increase in 25,833 cases outbreak of COVID-19 outbreak. As per the Union Health Ministry, nearly 60 percent of all COVID-19 active cases and 45 percent of new deaths are recorded in Maharashtra.

Coronavirus In India: Recorded New Cases

As per the Union Health Ministry, India’s number of coronavirus infections increased to 1,15,14,331 on Friday, with a record 39,726 new Coronavirus cases in the past two days. As many as 20,654 people have also been recovered from Covid-19 infection, 154 patients have died because of the Covid-linked problems. There are still 2,71,282 active Coronavirus cases. Night curfews are also started in many states of India. The reopening of colleges, schools, and educational colleges or institutions is also a hit.

To restrict the increase in Coronavirus cases, various states and union territories have resumed severe curses such as masks and stringent Covid-19 guidelines; and bringing back containment area. Many states have even declared lockdown, although in various districts recording an increasing number of Covid-19 cases. Please stay connected with us to get the latest news about curfews, lockdowns, vaccines, and other official data from India and worldwide.

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