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DNA Exclusive: Analysis of blatant human rights violation at world’s largest iPhone factory in China

Apple’s manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China, where the company manufactures most of its products is making headlines for different reasons. Apple’s iphones are scarce in Indian markets these days and the reason behind it is the iPhone manufacturing plant of Foxconn Technology Group in Shenzhen, China. This is where 80% of the iPhones sold worldwide are made. Due to China’s strict Covid guidelines, there is a ruckus between the employees and security personnel. In view of the increasing number of Covid-19 patients, the Chinese government imposed a lockdown here. Later, the entire factory premise was sealed. No one could move in or out of the factory, but it remained operational. Gradually, the Covid-19 outbreak started spreading, putting around two lakh employees at risk of getting infected.

In today’s DNA, Zee News’ Rohit Ranjan will analyse the human rights violation by the Chinese government amid Covid-19 outbreak at iPhone factory in Shenzhen.

As expected the situation worsened as the Corona virus spread but Foxconn Technology Group still did not close the manufacturing unit. This led to anger among the employees. There are also reports of assault on them by security personnel.

Foxconn Technology Group’s iPhone manufacturing plant is quite large. There are residences built for the employees to stay. In wake of the lockdown, employees wanted to leave but the Chinese government didn’t want them to do so. 

The Foxconn plant is a very important plant for Apple. The setup here for iPhone manufacturing is nowhere else in the world. This is the reason that despite many controversies related to Foxconn, Apple never said anything against this plant, nor stopped making products.

This is not the first time employees have created a ruckus at Foxconn. The recent incidents that have happened were due to restrictions imposed due to Covid-19. But Foxconn has already been infamous for the exploitation of employees. Even before the Covid-19 restrictions, more than 2 lakh employees here have complained of not getting proper food.

Watch tonight’s DNA for detailed analysis.