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DNA Exclusive: Who is responsible for Bengaluru flood crisis?

New Delhi: Bengaluru is witnessing one of the worst floods it has experienced in the past decades. For the last 3 days, the city has been inundated with flood water as on Sunday and Monday, it received rainfall ranging from 13 to 18 cm. Due to the rains, there is so much water accumulation in the city that people are riding tractors or boats. A meme on people reaching office late due to rain and water logging is also going viral.

In today’s DNA, Zee News’ Rohit Ranjan will analyze how the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore’s infrastructure crumbled after heavy rains poured in the city for days on end.


It is already a known fact that Bangalore has a big traffic problem. But the situation gets much worse in the rain. Bengaluru is also known as the City of Lakes. There are more than 80 lakes here. But for the first time, Bengaluru has taken the tag City of Lake very literally.

Unfortunately, earlier, people from Bengaluru used to go up to the lake to roam and now the lake has come to their doorstep. 

After the rains in Bengaluru, the situation is such that expensive vehicles are submerged. Roads have become canals because motorboats are running on them, not vehicles. People are taking the help of boats to come out of the house. People don’t have a great car to leave home.

In residential areas, there is so much water on the road here, that people are leaving their houses and sitting on a boat. The rescue team is evacuating people from there through boats to save them from waterlogging.

The water is so much that the rescue team does not want to take any risk. The problem is that where there is a pothole on the road, and where the manhole is, it is not known. That is why people are being evacuated with the help of boats.

It is clear that the drainage system in Bangalore hasn’t improved. This is one of the major reasons why Bengaluru became miserable in this rain. In the accumulation of rainwater in Bengaluru, the lakes here had a huge hand.

These lakes were connected to each other. But now the mutual connection of the lakes has been broken. Rainwater-soaking grounds and lakes have been encroached upon.

As of 2017, 78 percent of Bengaluru city’s area was concrete forests. But by 2020, more than 90 percent of the city’s areas had new buildings. Despite this, there was no planning to improve the drainage system.

Currently, the problem of Bengaluru is not the buildings here, but the lack of improvement in the drainage system. New buildings were built, but changes were not made to the city’s drainage system, on the contrary, it went down.