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Docus connects top Indian doctors with medical specialists from the USA, Europe

Docus connects top Indian doctors with medical specialists from the USA, Europe

New Delhi: In this situation, hospitals face the challenge of patient retention, as a growing number of patients seek second opinions elsewhere. For this reason, some hospitals started offering online second opinions to patients and focusing on telemedicine platforms to stay competitive in the healthcare market. Getting a second opinion through a remote service is convenient for patients since they don’t have to go to another hospital for an additional appointment.

Docus provides an efficient patient retention solution for Indian hospitals. It is a US-based VC-funded health tech startup, dedicated to enabling access to global medical practices and expertise for everyone.

What are the key benefits for Indian hospitals? 

The study “Patient-Driven Second Opinions in Oncology: A Systematic Review” revealed that patients with severe diseases were more likely to seek a second opinion ( the quest for a second opinion in different patient populations reached 88%). Therefore, hospitals lose a significant portion of patients who seek second opinions elsewhere.


Docus can solve this problem. It provides the only SaaS platform to connect top Indian hospital doctors with hundreds of top doctors from the USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, and over 10 other European countries, to treat patients with complex diseases. Foreign doctors cover a wide variety of specialties, such as oncology, cardiology, and neurology. In this case, patients are less likely to seek a second opinion at other hospitals, as with Docus Indian hospitals can offer second opinions based on world-class knowledge. As a result, Docus can assist Indian hospitals in improving patient retention, loyalty, and satisfaction.

Along with improving patient retention, Docus offers the following benefits for Indian hospitals:

Docus gives Indian hospitals access to the best treatment options available worldwide, giving them a marketing and competitive advantage over their competitors. The healthcare sector has grown significantly in India, both in terms of revenue and employment. According to India Equity Brand Foundation, the Indian hospital industry accounts for 80% of the overall healthcare market and is predicted to reach US$ 132 billion by 2023. Indian hospitals strive to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment to their patients to survive in today’s competitive healthcare market.

Patients pay hospitals to access the most accurate treatment based on the best international medical practices and expertise. So, it’s an opportunity for Indian hospitals to generate revenue from every doctor-to-doctor consultation. 

Docus offers Indian hospitals an easily accessible, and secure (HIPAA-compliant) platform. Using this platform, two doctors can conduct video and written consultations to discuss the patient case and develop the most appropriate treatment plan for the patient. 

Benefits for doctors

Many doctors from different corners of the world express positive opinions about Docus. Here is the testimonial of Dr. Dirk Sibbing, a cardiologist from Germany with 18 years of work experience: “Connecting medical experience on a global level across networks like Docus is key to improving patient care: Now and in the future. I am happy and proud to be part of such a great network.”

Docus offers top foreign and Indian physicians a wide range of benefits, including, Doctors can effectively cooperate with each other to treat patients suffering from serious illnesses. Collaboration and medical experience sharing can lead to more successful treatments for severe diseases. As a result, patients will have a better chance of recovery and more lives will be saved.

Doctors can have access to world-class medical knowledge, which can contribute to their reputation growth. This can improve the patient’s well-being and have a positive impact on democratizing medical knowledge. 

In conclusion, for hospitals and doctors who are seeking to offer the most accurate diagnosis and treatment to their patients, as well as adopt the latest global medical knowledge and expertise, Docus is a platform that connects Indian hospitals and top doctors with the top international doctors.