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Dussehra 2022: Important signs of seeing Neelkanth on Dussehra

New Delhi: People from all over the nation are set to celebrate Dussehra on 5th of October. To mark the occasion, cities are dazzled up with lights and other decoration stuff. It is predominantly a North-Indian festival which is celebrated in various parts of the country. It is the celebration of victory of good over the evil as Lord Rama defeated demon king Ravana. On this day, you will witness various plays and performances popularly known as Ramleela, depicting the life of Rama. However, there is one more aspect which is ritually related to Dussehra. It is the Indian Roller Bird or Neelkanth.

Well, it is believed that a sight of Neelkanth on the day of Dussehra can bring a lot of fortune. If you see a Neelkanth on Dussehra, it certainly means that you will soon witness a positive change in your life. What these changes can be? Let’s find out.

Neelkanth brings good luck with itself

Neelkanth means “blue throat” and Lord Shiva has blue throat which means the birs is a symbol of good luck. Talking about Ramayana, Lord Rama, before killing the demon king and winning the battle, had seen this bird. Thus, it is believed that if you are the one facing troubles in life, it can be very lucky to see this bird.

Neelkanth brings prosperity

While you may think that getting a sight of Neelkanth can only help you stay away from bad luck, you are wrong. As they say, if you see a Neelkanth on the day of Dussehra, it means that prosperity will soon knock your doors. You will be wealthier than ever and will get all your deals cracked.

Neelkanth – a sign of ‘wedding bells’

Another significance of getting a sight of Neelkanth is that you are likely to get married soon. If you are witnessing any hurdles on the way of your marriage, seeing Neelkanth on Dussehra means that you should get ready for the wedding bells soon.

Neelkanth is all about positivity and success

Neelkanth is all about positivity. Even if your life is full of failures and you haven’t heard of a single good news in the last few months, a sight of Neelkanth can change it all. It brings the success, fortune and a box of happiness with itself.


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