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French Maritime miniseries threatens to cut power to fishing row In Jersey amid

Recent days, the French Maritime miniseries said that the government is cut the electricity supplies for the British island of jersey. The United Kingdom has had the post-Brexit for fishing rights. Moreover, Annick Girardin is said to have revolted and they are granted 41 fishing licenses which include more conditions with the specific criteria. The Jersey external relations minister said that island is issued the license for United Kingdom trading. The cooperation agreement with the European Union and it means that the French boats have had demonstrates for the track record in the fishing area. Goat said that if the fisherman or the authorities are submitted and they are also updating the licenses with the more reflect the evidence. This statement is presented on the Jersey government’s website. When we enter the new era then it takes more time for all of the adjustments in the market.

Nadhim Zahawi was told that the sky news is published in Britain and the EU when they continue to work together. The iron out had more problems for the market. The jersey dispute is famous in the United Kingdom in Jersey. The Government of Jersey also had the license for French fishing in territorial waters. The jersey is not one of the parts of the United Kingdom of the union fishing boats. Meanwhile, In recent days the Francis wants to threaten to cut off Jersey’s electricity. In the French Parliament, our Maritime minister Annick Girardin suggests many chances. In this parliament, French are warned the Paris people for the retaliatory measures which follow the claims of the French fisherman. Moreover, they are blocking the rights of the channel Islands. The jersey is one of the largest channel island but France is had 95 percent right for their electricity which is presented in the underwater cables. The latest escalation was the row over access for the British fishing waters.

On Friday, the jersey had the authorization for the 41 fresh fishing vessels. It is equipped with a tracked location. Despite this, the French government claims the new rules for their country, and they are not informed of the fisherman complaint which is had more limitations. All of the problems have arrived after the parliament. French Government is making the warning for the cut of electricity to Jersey over the post-Brexit fishing rights. Annick Girardin is told of the new rules at the parliament meeting. Jersey has the maximum electricity from the three underwater cables from France. The AFP news agency is stated that the fresh ministry told that the new technical measures are introduced by the United States. Moreover, the United Kingdom department is said to be clear about the jersey which is responsible for its territorial waters.

The latest comments mark the escalation for the row over the fishing rights and it also had the ability to simmering for months. It marked the key sticking point for the post-Brexit trade talks. The main complaint of the freshman is they are losing their right from fishing in the British waters because enormous difficulties are obtaining the licenses. When you receive the license under the agreement of the EU then the french boat operators are shown the fishing area history. Still, the jersey had the sole power for the license issue. Last week they needed the license for operating the fishing boats. Then Friday, the Jersey government had the grand permission for the 41 permits for the french fishing which is equipped with the technology. Meanwhile, the French government is claiming the list of approval ships for more demands. The French government is strictly said that they are not discussed or arranged for fishing and more they are even don’t notified of that.

Moreover, the French government is also said whether the ship goes or not go whatever might happen but the fishermen also need to stay in the same place. After hearing this statement Ms. Girardin said that this statement was unacceptable by the people and more he said that if we are accepted for Jersey then the imperil needs to be allowed to access everywhere. The last week, the French Europe Minister is said that Minister Clemen Beaune accused the United Kingdom of broadly of the blocks the fishing rights. But the United Kingdom blocks the fishing tights. Europe minister Clement Beaun is accusing the more blocking rights of fishing. He also gives the response for the reprisals in the financial service. Meanwhile, the British have had the rights for the seafood exporters which had the hit in the EU and the UK exports for the shellfish such as oysters, clams, scallops, cockles, and then the mussels. The UK has failed for the new fishing agreement strike with Norway. It had more failures than threatened and prevented the British trawlers from catching cod in Norway’s sub-arctic seas. The people are had the more advancement in the market.

The beautiful fishing area is located in the 6 to12 nautical miles of the British coast for the difficulties in the United Kingdom. It might be delivered all of these items for the license in the National Fishing committee. Hall is said that some of us think that delay is possible for giving the licenses in the negotiations quotas. The jersey had been importing power from France for 37 years. During this period there were no political problems. Two diesel fires had more power stations for the la Colette and the queens’ road for the disruption for imports. There are two diesel-fired power stations are have a joint capacity of 115 megawatts for using the imports. The row has more chances for triggering by the others. Lack of access is presented with the revolted methods for access in jersey water.  The released in the advancements in the market and the row had been triggered with the multiple changes for Brexit for the fishing rights of EU and Uk fleets. Unacceptable features are also released in the government.