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Gacha Club – What You Can Expect From the Game

Gacha Club is another popular follow-up to Lunime’s highly successful Gacha Life. It’s a formula that can’t fail – mix adorable characters with an addictive gacha system. This game gives you all the cute characters you can collect. Also, it has a combination of all the things good about anime and fanboy-inducing characters. On the other hand, its gacha system may be frustrating, but it is very rewarding that’s why it’s addicting. This cute game is surely something that players will love!

These characters are not just idle NPCs that you collect unlike other games. Here, you get to dress them up and put them in situations. Moreover, you get to interact with them and get them to interact with others. Combat – well, that was never going to be the main reason for the game. But interactions and connections are a huge part, and rightfully so.

Take a look at all the elements of the game that require most of your focus. These will pique your interest and make you love the game more, so check it out!

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Gacha Game to Look Forward To

Lunime Games did not make just one Gacha game. You have to understand that there’s a lot – Gacha Resort, Gacha Life, and Gacha World. Moreover, all of these work under the same gacha system. It falls upon the player to get all the gacha characters through the system. To do that, players get to summon different characters through the system randomly. Then, you can do whatever you want with them. You can speak and become friends with them or battle endless hordes of monsters with them.

Each character is already pre-set, although you get to set-up your first character. Clothing, physical features, and more are all up for creation. You may also choose a pre-set character already if you want to get into the action right away. There is a lot to change with your character in Gacha Club. Although, we’d leave the discovery of those up to you, when you finally begin to play.

Different Costumes & Options

Customization is a big part of the Gacha Club proceedings. Players do this courtesy of the Studio, where they can source different wardrobe elements. These can be done for each and every character unlocked in the gacha system. Making a decision can be hard also – there are dozens of props and objects that you can fit your character. Some of them are functional while most are whimsical in nature. Which is in line with what the developers think the true nature of the game is.


The best thing that players can get is that most of it is free. Gacha Club has a Studio feature where you can also take a look at your creation. Make your Gacha characters pose this way and that, and turn them around to see how the costumes fit them. This is the area where you can assess the design of your character. You can check whether it is funny, serious, or just plain out-of-this-world.

Mini-Games & Battles in the Gacha World

Gacha Club also offers other elements than the usual cutesy Gacha NPC element. You can entertain yourself by partaking in the different battle modes in the game. Combat is determined through turn-based attacks. This is where you only ever see your character on-screen as it battles and at the bottom as a portrait. Although, you don’t have much control over your NPC. You can only determine which attacks they should use to repel the invasion.

Each character has access to a special skill they can use by tapping into a pool of MP. However, note that they should have a complete pool of MP before they can use that energy. You can activate the energy every turn. However, mind that you should have enough MP to pull it off, or you won’t be able to use it at all.

The Simplicity of Gacha Club

To be clear, Gacha Club isn’t a game about defeating other NPCs and reigning supreme. It’s meant to be a chill game. Here, you just roll different characters through gacha and take care of them in your own NPC world. If you find yourself a little high-strung, why not go over to Games.lol and download the Gacha Club?

Using the Gacha Club through Games.lol

To play the game on your PC, you need to have something like Games.lol. It is a website that aggregates games like Gacha Club and makes them optimized to PC. Just go to the website, download the client, and install it on your PC. Once you’ve completed installation, you can begin to search the client for games like Gacha Club and install it. It’s simple, hassle-free, and you can play your favorites on PC.

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