Gaza Strike: more than 200 rockets attacked over Israel in response

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As of reports from the Palestinian military group Hamas on Wednesday, it’s confirmed with firing more than 200 rockets into Israel in relation for strikes on the tower block in Gaza. As of statement released by the armed branch of Hamas “in the process of firing 110 rockets towards the city of Tel Aviv” and more 100 rockets towards the southern town of beersheva as of the reprisal for the restarting of strikes against the civilian homes.

Siren was rang out at both the places shortly after the announcement, this report is being released by the Israel defense forces which also added that the families in Tel Aviv had been woken up and then rushed to the bomb shelters. Previously Hamas reported the destruction of the nine storeys building in the centre of Gaza which is the Israeli blockaded enclave that they control. This damage was caused to the tower as well as its neighboring buildings that are reported by the Hamas television channel, Al-Aqsa TV. Significant damage was caused to the towers and the witnesses said several missiles struck to the building, containing homes as well as businesses and local television channel. Now the latest salvo of rocket fire follows one earlier in the evening, also towards the Tel Aviv which killed one person on the outskirts of the city.

Since Monday, three Israelis have been killed and dozens of others injured in the rocket strikes from the Gaza Strips. With reports saying that at least 32 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli strikes on the enclave, including 10 children and more than 220 are expected to have been injured.

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The UN envoy for middle east peace, tor wennesland warned that Israel and Hamas were” escalating towards a full scale war”.

Indian women killed in the Gaza strike:-

As per reports, two Indian women were killed as well as dozen were injured after the Hamas islamist movement in the Gaza fired massive barrages of rockets at southern Israel on Tuesday. This prompted retaliatory airstrikes from the Israeli forces.

As noted among the deceased are the 32 year old Indian caregiver, soumya santosh. She was killed while her elderly charge, 80 was hospitalized in serious conditions after one of the rockets struck her home. This was informed and intimated by the times of Israel reported by the citing local media.

Five Israelis were killed as the hundreds of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army struck some of 140 targets in the coastal enclave, after Hamas openly joined the hostilities Monday following a weekend of clashes in Jerusalem.

With Palestinian media have reported at least 35 deaths in Israeli strikes, while Gaza’s Hamas and Islamic Jihad continued to rain rockets on Israeli communities along the border. The Israeli military boosted its presence along the border. The authorities called on local residents for remaining at home and near bomb shelters until any further notice. Even violent clashes were seen between police and protestors across the Arabian cities inside Israel. Among this, one man was shot dead.

Further information:-

The Israeli air strikes in the Gaza strip have destroyed all the police buildings in the coastal territory as being described by the Gaza’s Hamas being led by the interior ministry.

The buildings were shelled by the fighter jets as reported by the spokes person from the ministry on Wednesday morning.

It seems Hamas didn’t wanted escalation:-

Until Monday, the defense officials thought that Hamas had no intention of entering into another round of fighting relatively with Israel. The senior defense officials might have said that in a closed forum on Sunday that they were afraid of the implications of the Jews which are going up on the temple mount in Jerusalem’s old city and then the flag march in the Jerusalem for the day. But they felt that the organization is not taking any step further.

The Israeli defense force said that more rockets were being fired at the Tel Aviv in the early hours of Wednesday morning, forcing people to rush into the bomb shelter. As Hamas said that it fired hundreds of rockets at the Tel Aviv and the town of beersheva in retaliation for the building that was later destroyed in Gaza. It’s also into news that over 20 people killed in Gaza, including children after the retaliation by Israel. Hamas has launched rockets at Tel Aviv after the major Israeli airstrike in Gaza.

Germany urges all sides to “avoid further civilian casualties.

Another building in Gaza struck by Israeli aircraft:-

With the release of the associated press reports that Israeli aircraft struck a high rise building in Gaza city early on Wednesday morning. The nine storey building houses residential apartments, medical production companies and the dental clinic. The warning shots were reportedly fired in advance and there have been no immediate reports of any kind of casualties. The AP reported smoke and debris that had reached its office in Gaza. This is located some 200 metres away from the building. Another 13 storey building in Gaza was flattened by an Israeli air strike earlier in the day. Further its being reported that Netanyahu is heading to mix the Arab- Israeli city amid the riots.  With various references, it’s the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is reportedly heading to the Israeli city of lod on Tuesday night after the implementation of local state emergency. The police have accused Arab residents in the city of being engaged with wide scale riots. Netanyahu was headed to the city as one of the most security reinforcements which were also being sent.  With reports further, the Israeli government has revealed that one of the three deaths in the Israel killed by rocket fire was not an Israeli citizen but some Indian national working as a caregiver. Ganta said that the Israeli military has great many targets in the pipe line. That can strike in Gaza. This is just the beginning.

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