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Ginny Weds Sunny Film Evaluation: The Good Man Trope Brings Secondhand Embarssment

Ginny Weds Sunny

Ditector: Puneet Khanna

Cast: Vikrant Massey, Yami Gautam, Ayesha Raza Mishra

Ginny Weds Sunny is a film which would do really well if it were made in the ‘90s. We were used to being fed male entitlement as romantic. We would always root for the ‘bechara’ hero, the underdog who would make all these efforts to impress the heroine, and then get angry when she didn’t reciprocate. However, in 2020, we’ve watched this film way too many times and we’re tired.

Sunny is the nice guy who never gets girls. His family loves cracking jokes at his expense. He wants to marry anyone to open his restaurant. His father consults a matchmaker, who is also the mother of Sunny’s childhood crush Ginny.

Ginny is the ‘modern gal’ who wants to ‘do’ love marriage, insults a prospect on his face and is confused about her ex. Matchmaker loves to interfere and hence grooms Sunny to be a prospective match for her own daughter.

Sunny embarks on his journey to win back his ‘unattainable’ old crush and changes his entire routine to, well, make her like him back. With Ginny’s mom’s help he follows her around, invites himself into her friend circle and even on a trip to Mussoorie. There he tells her that he wants to marry her and then gets angry when the ex comes back in the picture. Remember, Ginny till now hasn’t really shown interest in him romantically.

To be fair, Ginny isn’t like Preeti from Kabir Singh. She has agency and a voice. But to portray her as such, the writers use such cliched tools, she feels like a caricature of the urban Indian girl.

The film is a mess after this point. There is a term called secondhand embarrassment, and I have felt it multiple times while watching the films. Both Ginny and Sunny are insufferable, but the supporting characters too are a lot. All of them are based on Punjabi cliches and speak in punchlines. The parents of the couple are the ones scheming and interfering but love to pretend like they’re always right. Only if I could get paid everytime they said, “Iss generation ki yahi problem hai.”

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Vikrant Massey is such a great actor, has always been, so it was particularly disheartening to see him play this annoying brat. Yami, on the other hand, does her best with what she has got. There is one very heartwarming scene in the film: Yami’s character Ginny breaks down after having ‘prasad’ from Gurudwara Bangla Saheb as it tastes exactly like the one made by her late father. Yami is really convincing in this particular scene.

Ayesha Raza literally carries the film in most of the scenes she is in. She is witty and charming and had a lot of potential, only if her character was written better! Without spoiling much, there is a cameo by Isha Talwar and she brings a much-needed depth to the film. She could’ve been brought in much earlier in the film.

Ginny and Sunny is fun, it has great songs and an overall upbeat vibe. But that is mostly about it. If there is nothing else to watch this weekend, go for this one. Watch it for the great outfits Yami Gautam wears. There is not much the film has to offer, but can be a stress-free escape from the horrible world we are living in right now.

Rating: 1.5/5