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How can I watch Amazon Prime for free?

How can I watch Amazon Prime for free?

Amazon Prime is an internet service that allows users to access a library of movies, TV shows, and other online content. Amazon Prime allows users to stream movies and TV shows on their computer or mobile device, with access to free two-day shipping. With such a large selection of content available, it’s easy for someone to get lost in their favourite movie or show without realizing how much time has gone by. Luckily, there are ways to watch Amazon Prime for free!

Start a free 30-day trial.

You need to sign up for a free 30-day trial to get started. It’s quick and easy—no credit card required! If you’re unsure whether Amazon Prime is right for you, signing up for the trial is a great way to see what it offers. As long as your billing information remains the same when your trial ends, your membership will be automatically renewed for one year at USD 119 per year (or an equivalent amount in local currency) unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before renewal.

For those who already have an account, there are other ways to watch Prime content without paying anything:

  • Share Your Membership: If someone already has an Amazon account with Prime benefits, they can share their gifts with another user by giving them access. In addition, each person gets 5GB of photo storage space that can be used anywhere on any device (including smart phones).

Explore Prime Student.

  • Explore Prime Student.
  • You can sign up for Amazon Prime Student if you’re a full-time student and have a valid .edu email address. It’s $49 per year, half the price of standard Amazon Prime. That works out to just $4.50 per month!
  • When your trial expires, you can continue your membership at half price by paying for three months at once in advance.*Students who take advantage of this offer will receive access to all of the benefits included with traditional Amazon Prime: free two-day shipping on millions of items; unlimited music streaming; unlimited photo storage; early access to deals and giveaways; early access to Lightning Deals; complete reading from Audible audiobooks (with up to three credits per month); and so forth.*You can cancel at any time!

Join Amazon Household to share.

If you’re thinking of sharing your Amazon Prime account with someone else—whether a family member or a roommate—then you’ll need to use the Amazon Household feature.

  • Log in to your Amazon account and go to Your Account & Lists > Manage Your Content and Devices. Once there, select Settings, then go down to Households & Family Library.
  • Click “Create a new household” if this is the first time you’re sharing an Amazon Prime account with someone else; otherwise, select “Edit” to add another user as part of your existing household. All users will receive an invitation email from Amazon that explains how they can accept or deny their invite request after signing in at the Household User Setup page (it can take up to 48 hours for an invite request email). If someone declines their invite request more than once, they won’t be able to join future households until they change their mind!

How to get Amazon Prime without a credit card.

There are several ways to do this. We’ll start with the most obvious solution: using a gift card.

If you’re familiar with how gift cards work, then you know they can be used as payment options for purchases in stores and online. You may not have thought about using them to access Prime Video, but it’s possible! If you already have a credit or debit card (or even an Amazon gift card), consider buying prepaid cards from retailers like Walmart and Target. Just make sure that Amazon accepts the prepaid cards before making your purchase! Then enter one of those numbers during checkout when prompted for payment information.

You can watch Amazon Prime for free by using a free 30-day trial, being an Amazon student or sharing with someone in Amazon Household.

You can watch Amazon Prime for free by using a free 30-day trial, being an Amazon student or sharing with someone in Amazon Household.

Watching on a TV: If you have an Android TV, Apple TV or Roku box, you’ll be able to connect to your TV and stream the content through it.

Watching on a computer: You can also manage on your Mac or PC via the web browser or through the available app. The interface is similar as well—the home page will show movies and shows currently available to stream along with recommendations based on what you’ve watched and if there’s any new content coming out soon (such as premiere dates).


So there you have it, a quick overview of how to watch Amazon Prime for free. We know you might be overwhelmed by all the options, but don’t worry! If you follow the steps outlined above and check out our helpful articles about these services (such as how to set up your account), this shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone. And remember: if all else fails and none of these methods works for you—or if they do only temporarily—there’s always the option to cancel your subscription and save some money instead!