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How many cameras can you use on Nest Aware?

How many cameras can you use on Nest Aware

How many cameras can you use on Nest Aware?

Nest Aware is a cloud-based video surveillance service that lets you keep tabs on what your home looks like, so you can sleep better at night. You have the option of adding up to five cameras to your account—the more cameras, the better. But how many cameras are enough? This guide will help you figure out just that!

How many cameras do you have?

The Nest Aware subscription provides you with up to 10 cameras, and you can have 5 on a single subscription. You can also have 3 cameras on a single subscription.

Can you add more cameras to your plan?

You can add up to 10 cameras to your Nest Aware subscription, but you can only use one camera at a time. You’ll need to purchase additional subscriptions if you plan on using more than 10 cameras with Nest Aware.

If you already have a Nest Aware for Business account and wish to add more cameras, simply click on “Nest Aware multiple Cameras” in the “My Account” page of the app or website before starting any new orders.

Will your saved video clips count toward your cloud storage limit?

You can only save video clips to the cloud if you have Nest Aware for Home. Video clips are not included in your monthly data usage when using the app, and they are stored for 10 days in your account and then deleted from there. They’re also not included in any weekly or monthly plans that allow you to stream live footage from one device to another (such as Dropcam).

What happens if your camera goes offline?

In the event that a camera goes offline, you will still be able to see the last recorded clip. You can also add a new camera to your plan, or purchase an additional subscription for the additional camera.

If I buy a new camera, can I use it with my current subscription?

If you own a Nest Aware subscription and want to add another camera, there are a few different options. You can purchase a Nest Aware subscription for the additional camera or simply add it as an accessory to your existing plan—you’ll pay for both at once. Or, if you already have an account and just want to use your existing cameras with Nest Cam IQ, that’s also possible!

The following instructions apply only if you’re adding a new camera; if it’s already part of your account but doesn’t work properly (or vice versa), contact so we can help troubleshoot the issue:

  • Open the app on your phone or tablet
  • Tap “Add Camera” in the top right corner of screen
  • Select “Nest Camera” from list of available devices

What if I have more than five cameras and need to move some to another Nest account?

If you have more than five cameras, you can move them to another Nest account.

To do this:

  • Go to the Nest app and tap the menu button at the top-right corner of your screen. Select Settings > Account > Choose another account.
  • Select Camera settings, then swipe down on an empty space marked Movable Cameras to choose which cameras are available for transfer between accounts (or remove any that aren’t).

You can add a new camera to an existing Nest Aware subscription or purchase a new subscription for the additional camera.

You can add a new camera to an existing Nest Aware subscription or purchase a new subscription for the additional camera. If you add a new camera, you will be able to see it in the Nest app and it will be added to your existing cloud storage.

If you have multiple Nest Cam indoor models, they must all be connected via Wi-Fi before using them together with this feature.


Nest Aware lets you use a maximum of five cameras with your subscription, but this limit doesn’t apply to cameras that have purchas separately. If you need more than five cameras or would like to move some of them to another account, purchase an additional Nest Aware subscription. You can also purchase extra storage with Nest Aware subscriptions as well as add-on camera purchases.