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Indore Lady Makes Coronavirus-Themed Lord Ganesha Idols With Chocolate

The artist has made a ball using chocolate symbolizing coronavirus


A woman in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore has made a Lord Ganesha idol ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi using chocolate on the theme of coronavirus and is planning to immerse it in milk.

Nidhi Sharma, through the idols, also paid tribute to COVID-19 warriors, mainly doctors and police.

“I have made Ganesha idols using chocolate. We believe that we will get rid of coronavirus with the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Based on this theme, we have placed idols of police and doctor. We have also made a ball using chocolate symbolizing coronavirus. We have showcased Lord Ganesha killing the ball using trident,” Ms Sharma told ANI.

On the model, Ms Sharma also wrote ”Corona Go” using chocolate.

She said she will immerse Ganpati idols in milk and will later distribute it among needy people.

“I have made such models for my friends and relatives as well. I am making such Lord Ganesha idols since last year. We immerse these Ganpati idols made of chocolate in milk and distribute among the needy people,” she said.