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Instagram Tips: Here’s how to see Instagram Stories secretly

New Delhi: Do you want to know how to watch Instagram Stories without letting others know? Unlike WhatsApp, Instagram does not provide you the choice to protect your privacy. If you want to see someone’s Instagram Stories, the app will notify them that you have done so. This can be problematic if the individual is your nemesis, ex-crush, or you value your privacy.

Thankfully, there are always workarounds for these restrictions, and we’ve got two for you to read someone’s Instagram Stories without them knowing. And you won’t need a third-party software or malware to accomplish this; these are simple hacks that only take your patience. In addition, you’ll need a good phone.

How to watch Instagram Stories without informing others?

There are two ways to accomplish this. There’s no need to download a third-party software or connect your phone to a computer to accomplish either of these tasks.

1. Transition animation

This is a method for getting a sneak glance at someone’s Instagram Stories material. This isn’t the ideal way to accomplish it, and it’s best for Stories with still photos.

– Locate the Story you wish to watch in secret on the Instagram app.

– To see the next Instagram Story, simply click on it.

– After then, hold down the long press button on the Story to pause it.

– You must now swipe your way back to the previous chapter. Keep dragging the animations lowly until you start viewing the contents of the Insta Stories.

– As a result, Instagram does not register a “view,” and the individual cannot see your view.

– It’s important to keep in mind that the change must be done cautiously. You’ll be plunged into that storey with a somewhat faster swiping speed, which will then show the view.

2. Airplane mode

Yes, using Airplane mode to read Instagram Stories without registering your view is still a viable option.

– Open the Instagram app and wait for all of the Stories to load in the background.

– Get out of the programme and put it in the background once it’s loaded.

– Turn your smartphone’s Airplane/Flight mode on.

– Now open the Instagram app and tap on the Instagram Stories you want to see.

– You’ll be able to view all of the information without having to register a view for the post.

– When you’re finished, exit the app and switch off aeroplane mode. You can now return to normal Instagram browsing.

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