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Is it illegal to watch NFL streams?

Is it illegal to watch NFL streams

Is it illegal to watch NFL streams?

The NFL is a global phenomenon. It’s the most popular sport in America, and the average football fan outside of the country wants to watch games online. The problem is that streaming an NFL game online is illegal, and it’s also easy to get caught doing so. So, how can you watch football online legally?

The technology that makes it possible to watch NFL streams online is complicated.

The real question is, if you live in the United States and have a cable subscription, why would you want to watch an NFL game on your computer? The answer is simple: because you can.

Technically speaking, streaming services are illegal for the same reason that pirating movies or music is illegal: they violate copyright law. In other words, people are using a third-party service to watch something that they’re not supposed to be watching without paying for it—but they’re doing it anyway because there’s no way of stopping them without imposing some sort of extreme policing regime and/or getting rid of the internet altogether (and neither option seems likely).

The technology behind this phenomenon is complex but necessary in order for streaming services like Sling TV or PlayStation Vue operate at all—and while it may seem complicated at first glance, here’s what’s really going on behind closed doors:

There are over 20 apps that stream sports illegally.

We’ve all seen the commercials. There are over 20 apps that stream sports illegally, but your old high school roommate who’s always looking for an easy opportunity to make a quick buck is not one of them. The technology that makes it possible to watch NFL streams online is complicated and expensive.

you can bet that any company making those kinds of products isn’t just flippantly throwing around money like their lives don’t matter (which they do).

If you watch any kind of illegal sports stream online (or at all), be warned: you could potentially be doing something illegal! It’s not uncommon for law enforcement agencies to raid homes where they suspect people are watching NFL games via an illegal stream. If caught, you could face serious penalties such as fines or even jail time if you’re convicted—and believe me when I say these penalties aren’t worth the risk!

Fans who watch a stream of an NFL game are violating the law, though they’re unlikely to be caught.

Watching an NFL game through a pirated stream is illegal, and you could be subject to a number of penalties if you’re caught.

In the United States, copyright law states that “anyone who violates any of the exclusive rights of the copyright owner…is an infringer of copyright” (17 U.S. Code § 106). The law goes on to spell out several ways in which these exclusive rights might be violated:

  • Making copies of copyrighted works (17 U.S. Code § 106(1))
  • Distributing copies of copyrighted works (17 U.S. Code § 106(3))
  • Publicly performing or showing copyrighted works (17 U.S. Code § 106(4))

There are many legal options for streaming NFL games, including using Amazon Prime Video.

When you’re watching a football game, the last thing you want to think about is whether or not what you’re doing is illegal. However, if you follow these steps and keep up with the news around sports streaming services, you can be sure that there are plenty of legal options for watching NFL games online.

Now that we’ve covered how to watch NFL games for free without cable (and even paid options too), let’s talk about ways to stream NFL games online in 2019!

If streaming from your computer seems a little old school for today’s world of high-tech entertainment, try an alternative like Amazon Prime Video ($119/year) which provides access to thousands of other shows alongside live streams of select events like Thursday Night Football (TNF). Or use Sling TV ($25/month), DirecTV Now ($40/month), PlayStation Vue ($39.99-$75/month) or YouTube TV ($49-$70/month) on Roku devices such as Apple TV devices and Amazon Fire TVs; they all offer similar features but vary slightly on price points depending on which package(s) you choose. Hulu Live TV also offers live streams via Apple TV ($20-$40/month) devices while fuboTV has apps available through both Android & iOS devices; its cheapest package starts at $54.99 per month while Hulu with Live TV costs $44.99 per month after 7 days free trial period expires

Watching a stream of an NFL game is illegal, and the penalties can be harsh.

  • Watching a stream of an NFL game is illegal, and the penalties can be harsh.
  • The penalties for streaming NFL games are serious.
  • They’re the same as for pirating movies, music and software: up to $250,000 in fines and/or up to five years in prison for individuals; up to $500,000 fine and/or up to 10 years in prison for organizations (such as your company). For example if your company has 100 employees who watch pirated content from work each day over VPNs (virtual private networks), this could cost you more than $25 million USD per year!
  • The penalties are also similar when it comes to distributing child pornography: up to 10 years in prison or fines of $250,000 per image/video found on your computer — which may include hundreds or thousands of images/videos depending on how long this has been going on at your company. In some countries like Britain where these things have become very common again recently due largely due an influx amongst refugees coming into the country during 2016 & 2017 who brought many diseases including measles with them across Europe after fleeing war zones such as Syria which caused widespread outbreaks throughout Europe since then.”


The law that prevents you from streaming NFL games online is complicated, but the penalties for breaking it can be harsh. The best way to avoid a legal battle is by using a service like Amazon Prime Video or FuboTV, which has all of your favorite sports channels at an affordable price.