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Old Video Showing Lioness Targeting Guest At A Party Goes Viral

The man tries hard to kick the lioness, hoping that it will lose balance and fall.

Many videos of wild animals hunting and devouring their prey in a forest or open field have been made available for everyone to view. But how would you feel if you witnessed a lioness chasing down a man at a party?

You will undoubtedly experience shivers after seeing such a that video. There are similar scenes in an old video that has recently gone viral. The clip shows a lioness entering a beautifully adorned gathering at an unknown location after emerging from the wilderness.

Check out the video below:

The lioness not only barges into the gathering but also targets one of the guests.

As the video progresses, the man is seen climbing a tree to escape the big cat but the lioness refuses to give up and keeps following him. The man anxiously tries to kick the lioness so that it loses its grasp and falls, but the it maintains her hold on the tree. 

The video ends abruptly, leaving many users to wonder about the fate of the man. The video has about 251,438 likes.

Many Instagram users who commented on the post expressed concern and enquired about the man’s safety.