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Over half a dozen nations involved over defective Chinese language army gear

NEW DELHI: Over half a dozen country, from Bangladesh to Myanmar to Jordan, are concerned over faulty Chinese military equipment.

In the neighbourhood when it comes to Bangladesh, Beijing had given two 1970s era Ming class Type 035G submarines to Bangladesh at $100 mn each in 2017 which were recommissioned as BNS Nobojatra and BNS Joyjatra, both lying without any use due to technical issues. 2020 saw, Dhaka getting two Chinese 053H3 Frigates from Beijing — now BNS Umar Farooq and BNS Abu Ubaidah, but faced issues like non-functioning navigation radar and gun systems.

The armed forces of Myanmar — Tatmadaw expressed displeasure over the quality of Chinese equipment sent to them. Remember the country is getting a Submarine from India — Sindhuvir. 

Infact, frequent use of the phase-in Myanmar is ‘Tayokeset tayet-soke’ or ‘Chinese machine; broken in a day’.

Story in Nepal is no different, with Kathmandu getting six China-made Y12e and MA60 aircraft for its airlines but now lying without any use. Interestingly, they were rejected by Bangladesh in the first place.

The story in Africa looks similar. Kenya got VN-4 armoured personnel carriers manufactured by China govt-owned Chongqing Tiema Industries in 2016, but China’s sales representative themselves declined to sit inside the vehicles during a test firing. Some Kenyan personnel have died in those vehicles.

The northern African country of Algeria saw a number of accidents involving Chinese CH-4B UCAV drone, first took place in 2013 near Algeria’s Tindouf Airbase, second near the Ain Oussera Airbase and 3rd near Bir Rogaa airbase. Jordan, in West Asia, had purchased six of the same Chinese CH-4B UCAVs in 2016 and by June 2019, the country had put them on sale.

What comes as a standout is Islamabad, a close friend of China. Both Pakistani Navy and Army got stuff from China, which are now suffering from several issues. 

The Pakistani Navy got refurbished Chinese built F22P frigates but they remain besieged with technical malfunctions and Pakistani Army got nine systems of mobile missile system LY-80 LOMADS from China, 3 remain non-functional due to faults.

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