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Ramyug Review: Glossy, Contemporary Touch to Ramayan Without the Right Feel


Cast: Diganth Manchale, Aishwarya Ojha, Kabir Duhan Singh, Vivan Bhathena

Director: Kunal Kohli

Director Kunal Kohli’s another web outing, after the lackluster Lahore Confidential (ZEE5), has failed to hit the mark. Ramyug offers a contemporary touch to the age-old Ramayan, but is devoid of warmth and goes way off on the treatment and performance front.

Up until now, the Indian audience have been introduced to the Ramayan and it’s characters through various TV Shows and we are fairly familiar with the story. In comparison, never has any of them been so wayward as Ramyug.

The majority of the discontentment and empty feels arise from the performances of Ram (Diganth Manchale), Sita (Aishwarya Ojha) and Raavan (Kabir Duhan Singh). Whereas Ram and Sita are divine and calm in demeanour, here, the two are appear totally unnatural, to the extent that Sita is often snappy. They maybe wearing costumes resembling the period but none of the actors have internalised their roles. It may sound harsh, but the cast seems to have worked on flaunting their bodies more than getting the tone right. Vivan Bhathena as Hanuman also appears as a misfit but no more than the others.

Ramyug is mounted on a good scale but all that pales when it comes to the treatment of the show which is too glossy. Instead of transporting us back to the era, the modern vibes kill the feel of the epic altogether. The story is told in a non-linear format to cut down on the runtime. In the process, the natural arc of the human drama goes for a toss.

Projects such as Ramyug will always be open to unfair comparisons but this is as bad as it can get. Let alone trying to bank on it’s mass appeal, director Kunal Kohli should hope that not many come across his uninteresting take on Ramayan.

Rating: 1.5/5

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