Return of fear post pandemic again surges to pandemic situations

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By the end of 2020, it was indeed certain relaxation that we are getting back to normal. But suddenly a small wave of mutants of covid 19 again brought back the terror into mind of people globally as well as across India. The corona virus first out broke in Wuhan, china in the year 2019 in the month of December. This is treated serious as it affects the respiratory system and has been reported to bring multiple health issues.

Recently it is updated from sources that the most transmissible variant is B.1.1.7 was first identified across United Kingdom. Further this led to loads of infections and deaths globally.

Main thing that is ringing the government mind is the transmissibility which prior to vaccination or past infection and lethality might again surge higher and can lead to the devastation again.

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Ancient immune system and corona virus:-

With reports from immunologists, the covid 19 pandemic has leaning with a steep curve. All with the immune system we can fight the deadly disease that has been the point of matter since the long we existed with the pandemic. As Bali Pulendran (Stand Ford University) says, with every turn the virus has cofounded expectations. It’s all the cytokine that storms and wracks the bodies of those who get seriously sick with the pandemic. And now we are in the queue to wait for the vaccines to see next ways in the shots for better results. We are proud being human beings as we are blessed with immune system that stops these unusual ghosts to rule in our body. After growing cases of the pandemic, it’s the T cells that were isolated from recovered patients to treat other suffers and have also reported to show great results. Still science is searching for new results that can act as a miracle to wipe out the virus and its effects in near future .

First universal corona vaccine might start human trails this year?

With the dangers of corona sweeping across the globe and not ready to take a leap indeed. There are chances to take ahead with the release of first universal corona vaccine against the SARS-Cov2. As per reports, the vaccination process has already started with its first dosage and is pretty doing well. But for urgent and emergency situations, the scientists are still working and are trying to bring out best that would stand protective against other strains and mutants of corona viruses. Now it has become a daunting challenge to the field of medical sciences that is trying hard to tie hard the corona spikes and stop its further replication.

A game changer that has reduced death rates:-

Probably we can count it on as a game changer. This is something that has better made less of death rates and is further going to give its best. Apart from the gloves and N19 masks the best counted can be the vaccines that are designed and developed under researchers. They mark it as a game changer. It’s believed that with the masks, sanitizers and the gloves the corona can be prevented. But vaccine is a must to keep every individual strong enough to face the virus.

Mutants, contamination and vaccines:-

 Since 2019, the virus has been mutating with delivering various signs and symptoms. It’s the role of virus that it would continually mutate as they bear spikes considered as tiny errors and are introduced each time they replicate. Currently there are three known variants those detected across South East England, South Africa and with some travelers travelling from Brazil arriving at Japan. Indeed they have started circulating across 125, 75 and 41 countries (as reports from recent updates from the WHO). Now the virus has made itself the variant of concern because of their increased transmissibility or virulence. This has created worst situations in the form of epidemics with making it more and more difficult to control.

 The Pfizer vaccines to be the next immunity inducer:-

The arm pit vaccine receivers have received vaccine in lymph nodes which is the parental location for the T cells. These people are identified by researchers to have found out germinal centers that are necessary to generate the long lived antibody making cells. Since today lakhs of people have received their immunity dosage and the m- RNA vaccine by Pfizer is reported to trigger the formation of the key structure of immunity in people. As per researchers, the vaccine would likely have long lived antibody immunity to SARS-CoV -2.

Expected side effects with the vaccine:-

Even though major or life threatening side effects are not seen with post vaccination. Still some common side effects like soreness around the area of injection is quite common for the last two shots of vaccines. With the second shot there are more common symptoms of headache, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, chills and fever. Even there are chances of delay in rash formation but there is no long lasting effect. But just some rare to severe allergic reactions.

Can the covid vaccine be mixed and matched:-

With existing evidences of the vaccine supply chain, the medicos has issued drafts to people for using different vaccines which are going to help people get completely vaccinated quickly. This in an attempt to make more flexible support to vaccine supply and encourage the supply of vaccines to the society. Recently government of various states across India has encouraged more production of vaccines and especially the RBI has asked to provide more and more vaccination daily with encouraging vaccination drives. Across states like Maharashtra, Kerala and Punjab, governments have started social distancing concept with masks being mandatory for all. Everyone is encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible. This is with respect to the problems arising with the rise of covid 19 strains that are all around and are effectively affecting the population. Today vaccines are the only savior and everyone is bound to take it for recovering back to normal and healthy conditions.


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