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Shop Online, Avoid Travel: Government Issues Covid Advisory For Festivals

Covid guidelines for malls and local markets should be strictly followed, the government said.

New Delhi:

States must ensure Coronavirus precautions are followed strictly during the festive season, the government said in an advisory on Saturday, listing measures like promoting online shopping and avoiding unnecessary travel to stop infection rates from spiralling as they have in some countries.

The government has suggested measures like:

  • Promote online modes of celebrations like online shopping, discourage unnecessary travel.
  • Strictly follow Covid guidelines during festival celebrations.
  • No mass gatherings in containment zones and districts where more than 5 per cent of tests are returning positive.
  • State government should issue directions adequately in advance.
  • Gatherings that are allowed with advance permission and limited attendees should be monitored closely.
  • Guidelines for malls, local markets and places of worship should be strictly followed.
  • Follow five pillars of Covid management – Test, track, treat, vaccinate and follow Covid-appropriate behaviour.
  • District authorities should keep a strict watch over trajectory of cases.