Small Guide On Benefits Of A Hosted VOIP Phone System

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There are a large number of services that are hosted which can be used by small business managers. One of the most popular options for using such a hosted phone service is hosting VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. Voice communication has come a long way from fixed telephone lines, and VoIPs are all set to become the most popular and effective communication form.

What Do You Mean By Hosted VOIP Services?

By using VOIP phone services, you can earn maximum profit in minimum investment. As businesses are looking for low-cost options, they switch to the hosted VOIP phone systems.

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The hosted VoIP services are considered a very flexible approach to low capital businesses. It helps beginner service providers to establish their business with a minimum risk. With VoIP services hosted, you can offer various VoIP-based solutions for your customer base, without capital investment, and without buying your infrastructure. This is affordable, easy to manage, very scalable, can be adjusted, and can be used easily in a short time.

Who Should Use Hosted VOIP Phone Services?

The hosted VOIP phones are beneficial for many but ideal for the following businesses-

  • Small and Medium-sized communication service providers
  • Startups
  • Telecom companies
  • ITSP’s
  • Enterprises
  • Call Centers

Benefits of Using Hosted VOIP Phone Systems

  • Seamless and Easy Connectivity

Now you don’t have to use numbers of cables to connect the phone lines. You can plug the one ethernet cord into the phone and go from the phone to the computer system with hosted VOIP phone systems. This way both the system gets easily connected to

With VoIP, you don’t have to worry about your phone connections cut by construction or someone pull out your cellphone in the back-end. The telephone service continues as usual, and the administrator can divert calls easily.

  • Cost-Effective

Hosted VoIP phone systems are very cost-effective, and this starts with the fact that most service providers offer solutions at a very low-up cost. Furthermore, users can choose from various extensive and flexible solutions and only pay for what they use. with minimal and economical monthly fees, you can enjoy the hosted VOIP phone services.

Hosted phone systems have extremely low-cost ownership because you don’t have to invest in physical space to hole the communication system.

  • High Productivity

The cloud-based business applications and the teleconferencing tools and features available in hosted PBX phone systems help improve productivity. This phone system also helps in improving the communication system of the employees irrespective of the place.

  • Easy and no cost Business Upgradation

There is no maintenance or up-gradation cost required in using the hosted VOIP phone systems. The host handles the up-gradation and maintenance by himself. Whereas in the traditional phone systems, the up-gradation may take time and get delayed. Hosted VOIP phone systems provide timely and continuous upgradation.

  • Scalability

The hosted VOIP phone systems come with the online portal, enabling you to customize the users’ phone system completely. Every phone can have individual ring groups, quick dials, and much more.

Some other features offered by hosted VOIP are the admin panel where the user can access call flow, reporting, call logs, user information, etc.—adding the new line is easy and affordable, and simple to set up. Hosted VOIP phone systems make it easy to scale your business growth.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Customer support executives work all round the clock on the cross-vendor platforms via dedicated online portals. They ensure unmatched quality of services for you. They will be available always to answer your queries and also helps you configure the services efficiently.

  • Unified Business Communication

Hosted VOIP phons integrates the communication tools that help employees to communicate effectively. Hosted VOIP supports many devices like mobile devices, computers, telephony handsets, etc.

 VOIP phone systems keep your data, phones, and internet on a single network that helps in –

  1. Higher productivity
  2. Improved team collaboration
  3. Customer satisfaction
  4. Quick troubleshooting
  • Multi-Functional

In addition to making a phone call, you can also make a video conference call via your VoIP phone. It allows you to stay in touch with your coworkers and clients to discuss generous offers, affairs, meetings, files, documents, agendas, wherever you are. Even when you are abroad by attending an appointment, you still can participate in other meaningful discussions at the head office without having to worry physically present.

  • Mobility

This feature allows employees to use their business VoIP numbers to create or receive calls on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, or desktop PCs. Calls seem to come from VoIP numbers, and all calls are diverted through the sound interface hosted.

In this way, employees can benefit from unlimited long-distance calls through virtual telephone systems while working remotely, in turn, directly reducing costs.

  • Simplify IT Management

Although your IT team can meet the challenges of managing local telephone systems, their time is more suitable elsewhere. Choosing the host VoIP means the VoIP provider that is hosted will take care of the upgrade and maintenance of infrastructure for you.

Considering all these benefits and features switch to hosted VOIP phone systems. The new functionality offered by VoIP makes it the best choice for businesses who want to achieve their goals and continue in the future. The plethora of features present in hosted VOIP phones services makes it very easy for companies to stay in touch with the system. Enjoy the great new methods of running your business.





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