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Smart phones are no longer just connection tools. Many friends who love taking pictures look forward to the powerful camera functions of mobile phones.

HONOR 9X Pro uses a 48-megapixel main lens + 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle + 2-megapixel rear three lens combination. It supports more than 60 scene recognition and orientation optimization. It supports AIS handheld super night scene 2.0. This kind of lens design can get a good photo experience even in low light environment. If you like to shoot videos, this smartphone supports AI smart video anti-shake.

It has the 48 million-definition main camera. The hardware configuration supports 48 million-definition high-definition photos. Coupled with powerful analysis, the details of the sample are clear. Whether it is a car on the road or the details of the roof of a building, it can be seen when it becomes larger. In terms of automatic white balance and color reproduction, the device behaves true and natural. When shooting objects with more tones, they are closer to reality and look more pleasing.

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When shooting in the room, the Honor 9X Pro makes the objects brighter. It provides more ranging information for the three cameras. The interface is more translucent. The sense of hierarchy is outstanding.

Its front camera is unambiguous at all. It is configured as a 16-megapixel lifting lens. The camera will lift up when switching to the camera mode. Many users reported that the feeling of watching the camera rise and fall is good.

The face of the person in the selfie mode is clear and ruddy. On this basis, AI intelligent cleaning of the facial features is carried out. The facial details are adjusted according to the unique optimization algorithm. The chromaticity relationship between the characters and the environment is maintained in harmony. This makes the characters look lifelike and energetic.

The camera will enable AI photography mode by default. When taking pictures during the day, it has good details. The color is more realistic. There is no strong effect. The overall look of the proofs is excellent.

In the wide-angle mode, it has a wider field of vision. You can take more shocking photos in a limited space. It is easier to capture the momentum of the building when shooting buildings.


In a dark natural environment, most mobile phones cannot take pictures of any scenery. But this mobile phone can take clear pictures of the subject.

Many users have compared night photos taken by other mobile phones. They find that the night shooting level of this model is higher than other phones. Whether it is the manipulation of noise, the quality of the interface, the color reproduction, or the control of the details, the liquidity of this phone is amazing.

If you are a person who likes to take pictures, you can learn more about this phone in the smartphone store. Then you can decide whether to buy it.

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