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Top 5 Major Causes of Loosening Bolts and 5 Best Ways to Prevent Them

The fastener of choice in different industries is Bolts. Easier to dismantle and also vulnerable to loosening, bolts should be checked now and then to avoid malfunctioning or any injury beforehand. It completely depends on the application, though companies and individuals focused that their machinery does not incline to broken bolts. There are certain ways to prevent bolt loosening in an easier way or simpler terms, “home solutions”. But this is only restricted to home surroundings and not in industries or companies.

[Source: fastenerengineering.com]

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You will have to understand the importance of associating with the best exporter & supplier. Apart from the same, understand the emphasis of bold loosening. This would highly be relevant to the use and impact on the industries and environment respectively. This is because a loosened bolt could bring an entire production to a halt. In other cases, bolt loosening could result in a safety hazard.

Before getting in touch with screws & fasteners manufacturers & suppliers, completely understand the reasons leading to bold loosening.

Top 5 Causes of Bolt Loosening

Loose Bolts are a threat to the entire functioning of an industry or could pose a safety threat. Loosening should be retightened to avoid any equipment from further damage or severe accidents from happening. Here are the top 5 causes leading to bolt loosening –

[Source: fastenerengineering.com]


Bolted joints mean machinery is on its full-fledged way to functioning properly. This means the cause of friction as well as vibration.

The cause of vibration impact in bringing transverse movements. Continuous vibration between the two sections of the joints releases to the parallel ends.

The constant movements between the nut and bolt again cause the work of friction to the joints.  Eventually, the vibration and friction play a greater role to loosen the clamp force.


It is not the shock caused by electricity. Regardless of getting help from the best nut bolt supplier in India, there is a load to the machinery.

Alternative loads or dynamic ones coming from generators, wind turbines, machinery or the likewise could result in mechanical shock.

Mechanical shock is something that when applied to the nut and bolt joint could cause the threat to slip to the treads.

Just like the process of vibration, slippage caused through this dynamic shock could lead in bolt loosening.

Facts –

Dynamic load, vibration and shock are all categorized under Spontaneous bolt loosening.


The best fasteners manufacturers who analyze the tension on a bolt make way for a break-in period. During this process, the firmness of the bolt is getting relaxed to a certain point.

Often, this relaxation comes through micro-embedding of the nut and bolt coming into the joint surface. It might also lead to softening materials like polished metals or composites.

While you are associating with the best nut bolt manufacturers & exporter, you will have to thoroughly look through its design.

In case the specified tension does not apply to the bolt right from the start, this embedded joint could lead to release in the clamping force.

[Source: nationaltenders.com]

Different Forms Of Thermal Expansion

Digging into the screws & fasteners manufacturers & supplier, if both products are different, it could be a cause of tension in the latter half.

In case both the materials are different, there will be a huge difference in the temperature between the nuts and bolt.

The change in temperature could result from non-consistent environmental changes or upgrading industrial processes. These further lead to cause the joint material to either expand or contract rapidly.

Gasket Creep

Many joint exporter & supplier offer a thin, flexible gasket right between the surface of the joint and the bolt head. This is done to seal the joint properly for prevention against any leaks.

Now, the gasket acts in the form of a spring, further pushing back the pressure of the bolt and joint part.

When this form is exposed to too much heat or corrosive chemicals, the gasket might get degraded. That means the spring will no longer work the same results to the loss of clamp force.

This might also occur if the bolts are crushed or not well tightened by the Best fasteners manufacturers.

Other Terms of Bolt Loosening 

Friction leads to bold loosening. Everything in excess could lead to a fatal change and this could occur the same in terms of safety threat.

Fatigue is another permanent damaging part in the bolt and clamped parts. The best fasteners manufacturers have seen such cases when there is a loss of preload extending to the opening in the joint. This could occur through spontaneous loosening or slackening.

[Source: carlsonqualitybrakeparts.com]

How can you prevent loose bolts?

You already know that loose bolts are common. Whether you are associating with the best nut bolt supplier in India or getting in touch with the best exporter & supplier, the fact is natural elements lead to bolt loosening. You will have to keep checking the equipment now and then to look into the matter.

Here are some of the productive methods that you can adopt to prevent bolt loosening –

Mechanical Devices

Different forms of gimmicks have been launched in the market for tightening the nut into the place for a firmer bolted joint.

You can simply get in touch with the best fasteners manufacturers to acquire castellated nuts with a cotter pin or wire that will easily fit in when drilled in the bolt.

Even you can adapt to locking fastener systems coming with a flat shaped retainer along with a clip. This will help in the adjustment and fierceness of the bolt head.

You might notice tap washers come with two tabs right on the opposite ends. This helps in securing the bolt or nut right after the installation. Furthermore, it will help in the prevention against the loosening of the bolt.

Though, it is always the best idea to seek the help of the professionals in this matter rather than doing it all by yourself.

Double Nuts

It has been stated by the nut bolt manufacturers & exporters that the formulation of two nuts could be a win-win situation.

The use of a thick nut and a thin nut, which is also known as a jammer nut has been used since the historical era. And has been proved to be a boon in disguise.

The modern form of technology allocates the use of two nuts with different sizing. Thus, you can use the two nuts on an advanced level at different rates right on the double-threaded bolt to make a firm joint.

Here you are making way for transverse motions. Even the nut bolt suppliers in India have stated that this will advance in the processing of the second nut installed.

Using Adhesives

Using glue or adhesive is another way of preventing loosening bolts. It is a friction-based solution.

But keep in mind to use liquid adhesives with heated thermoplastic coatings. This is because dried glue could be a way of bringing in more troubles.

Advanced exporter & supplier have stated that dried glue could result in a hard way of dissembling and removing the bolt.

On the other hand, using something like solid adhesive patches guarantee you that the bolts applied to the joints will not come loose.

[Source: popularmechanics.com]

Abiding by torque nuts

Stated by certified and the best nut bolt supplier in India, “lock nut” or metal inserted in a nut is a good way to increase friction to prevent from bolt loosening.

Attaching a spring inside the nut helps in firming the bolt threads. Mainly this is a practical way of implementing opposites attract theory in joint firming.

Nylon inserts again cannot be well formulated with harsh chemicals or too much heat. It cannot be further reused. Thus, does not make way for a longevity option.


Washers are pretty wider than bolt heads. The surface area of the same adds more friction to the joint maintaining the clamp force at the same time.

Helical Spring Washers are found by experts to loosen the bolt when under vibration. On the other hand, cup-shaped washers help in enhancing vibration testing.

You will come across different types of washer getting developed by the exporter & supplier. It is that you will have to do your homework straight to dig in the best one.

Wedge-locking washers come in 2 sets. Thus, each has opposite facing wedges that come along well with each other. Attaching it right with the joint helps in prevention against self-turning of the bolt.

Thus, wedges are specifically designed for adding tension to the bolted joints and further preventing loss of clamp force.

Prevention against bolt loosening means you will have to maintain clamp force, bolt retention and opting for the best bolted joint design. This will pave the way for a secured joint without having to go through any safety hazards. You need to get in touch with the best supplier in India to acquire the proper size and type of bolt and nut. Also, mention the optimal amount of tension of acquiring the clamping force needed to maintain the joint.

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