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The top universities in the world that offer masters programs are all designed in a very professional and sophisticated manner that creates a top-notch quality education for students who are aiming for a future where they aspire to be at the peak of their career. Below is a detailed summary of the top 7 universities in the world that offer the most well-rounded master’s curriculum:


MIT Sloan is a unique kind of management school which focuses on bringing the best minds together to work on tackling global issues and create a fusion of business and technological innovation for the future generation. Their master’s program is among the best in the world in terms of various features that embody it. Some of the most distinctive features are:

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  • MIT Sloan holds a strong emphasis on engineering and technology merging them with their master’s program mainly in the management and business domain whereby they offer superior quality education and to support the entrepreneurial venture of their students.
  • MIT Sloan has a very concentrated focus on promoting and propagating a more sustainable business.
  • Furthermore, this school is famous for its entrepreneurial program which is focused on providing students with a more comprehensive and customizable curriculum.

HEC Paris is one of the top-most business schools for master’s programs such as master’s in management and MBA. This school is best known for its extraordinary and talented group of students who are all enthusiastic for the field of management or business in general. Some of the most important features of this school are:

  • HEC Parisenjoys a long-standing custom of presenting an educational platform for future leaders in the business world. This is the reason why it is an alma-mater of CEOs which showcases its strong emphasis on entrepreneurial curriculum.
  • At HEC Paris, they thrive to offer an opportunity for major career transformation for students who want to build a career in business and management.

The master’s degree at LBS is considered as one of the best business schools with a diverse cohort that provides a different perspective at the same time it presents the students with a world-class professional degree to sustain their future prospects in the best way possible. Some of the most interesting and unique features about the master’s program at LBS are:

  • One of the most impressive features of LBS is a wide range of master’s programsthat they offer such as MiM, MBA, Global MiM, Masters in Analytics and Management, Master’s in leadership and strategy, master’s in financial analysis, MIF, etc. These specialized master’s courses are offered to cater to the needs of students and professionals who want to gain knowledge and work in a specialized sector.
  • The main takeaway for an LBS graduate is the focus of each master’s program on building a curriculum surrounding the international business.

Stanford GSE is one of the top-ranked business schools in the world with their master’s program emerging as one of the most intensive and inclusive with regards to their curriculum and courses offered by each. Its most significant features are summarized below that will give you a clear idea of their supremacy:

  • Stanford GSE is most known for its unique blend of entrepreneurial curriculum and projects including their strong focus on building start-up creators.
  • Another unique feature of this school is their world-renowned research professors under whose guidance you can definitely experience a better understanding of the functions and complexities of the business acumen.
  • They also provide individually designed MA for students who are currently studying PhD outside of GSE but are looking for an opportunity to earn a master’s degree wherein they develop their individual program based on their preferences.
  1. ESSEC

This is ranked amongst the top higher education institutions for specifically master’s programs in management. Some of the major assets of this school lies in their MiM and other management programs.

  • ESSEC consists of three campuses spread across Asia-pacific, Europe and Africa which serves as a unique gateway for students to gain unparalleled international exposure along with a diverse view on internationalbusiness and networking.
  • This school also encourages its students to design their own curriculum for a better view and understanding of their stance in their future career and goals.

Harvard business school is considered as the pinnacle and pioneer of higher business education wherein their MBA program is considered as one of the oldest and most intensive programs out there. The graduates from this school are some of the most successful and brilliant minds out there in terms of incorporating innovation and business. Below I have discussed some of the most noteworthy features of this school:

  • Harvard provides its students with some of the best research courses, study materials which can be accessed from their library which is considered as the biggest library in the world.
  • Most of the master’s program at Harvard is designed around the main nucleus of innovation. Their master’s program is focused on building a curriculum through which the students are encouraged to push their boundaries and take part in ground-breaking and innovative conversations which is a sign of future leaders.


Considered as one of the world’s leading graduate business schools, INSEAD contributes to the creation of master’s programs along with specialized masters degrees which provide a unique blend of culturally diverse and global perspectives that act as the main differentiating factor in their academic course structure. To get a better understanding of the various stand-out features of INSEAD master’s program, you can take a look at some as mentioned below:

  • Their faculty is among the world’s most well-rounded and expert individuals who are all graduates from the world’s top universities, thus providing their students with a very personalized approach on learning and understanding which they themselves had gained from their alma mater.
  • The unique dual-degree MBA course in collaboration with Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA program is another great concept designed to combine the business expertise of China and with other major campuses of INSEAD.


All in all, you can observe that there is a common trend among these top B-schools which is to provide a masters curriculum which is catered towards training their students in a professional format as well as to help them gain knowledge for an entrepreneurial journey.

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