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Top 9 Reasons Mobile Apps Fail

If you look at the statistics, then you will find both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store has a combined listing of more than 4.4 million apps.

This shows that there is a huge competition in the app market and the chances of making it big depends upon many factors.

In this article, we will share with you some insight regarding why a large number of apps fail.

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Mobile app development requires a big investment in terms of resources and time.

Therefore, you should know the factors that contribute to the failure of a mobile app.

This will help you to tweak your strategy regarding your mobile app designs and functions to ensure it meets your business goals.

Important reasons why mobile apps fail

Here we have shared some important points that can lead to the failure of your mobile app in the market.

Does your mobile app solve any pain points of your target audience?

The App Store’s of both Android and Apple are filled with wannabes.

These apps are poor imitations of the popular apps that have a huge subscriber base.

These apps do not bring any innovative idea to the table but are repackaging the same idea.

This creates disappointment amongst its target audience.

Having a unique idea that solves a specific problem of your target audience is very important for its acceptability.

Have you researched your target audience?

If you do not know the likes and dislikes of your target audience, then the chances of you creating a perfect mobile app for them is pretty slim.

Researching about your target audience would give you a comprehensive view about what type of easy-to-use features your users will appreciate.

If you are not able to focus on the needs and requirements of your target audience, then rest assured your app is doomed from the start.

Choose the right platform for your app

Wrongly choosing a platform for your mobile app can also contribute to its failure.

Choosing the right platform for your mobile app is connected with researching your target audience.

If during the research, you find that most of the potential users of your app use Android or iOS phones, then you should act accordingly vice versa.

If your target audience is evenly distributed in using both Android and iOS platforms, then you should develop apps for both these platforms.

If you fail in this task and create an app for a platform that is not common amongst your target users then your app is bound to fail.

Whether you want to develop an Android or iOS platform, you should start with a small app and consider the MVP App Development. This will save a lot of your time & cost.

Uninspiring features

Features play an important role in the success or failure of your mobile app.

You have to maintain a fine balance and include multiple features in your mobile app.

If you add more features, then the user may get overwhelmed. And if you put too few, then the users will become quickly uninterested in using the app.

While developing the mobile app you must include only those features that offer a solution for the specific needs of your target audience.

Ease of use

An important factor that massively contributes to the failure of an app is its complexity.

Many times, developers put too many features and functionalities in the app to attract their users.

The users of your app do not have the time or patience to learn all of these to use your application, if there are easy to use competing apps available in the market.

Thus highly complex design intricacies that complicate the navigation process can also lead to the failure of the mobile app that you have so lovingly created.

Is the back-end supporting the front end of the app perfectly

If in your eagerness to provide an amazing user experience you neglect the backend, then the performance of the app will suffer.

Your app must be stable, for which you will need strong backend support.

Nowadays, the technology allows you to offer a mobile app with extensive backend data.

This helps in providing amazing performance and top-of-the-line functionalities to the users.

One of the important points you must take into account when you are designing the backend of your mobile app is scalability.

You have to provide provision for increased traffic influx over the years.

No proper marketing of the app

With millions of apps vying for attention, proper marketing of the app is one of the important ways to catch the eyeballs of your target audience.

If the business does not properly market its product, then most people will not even know about the app and it is bound to fail.

Not optimizing the performance of the app

Just developing the app is not enough. It should perform flawlessly.

The un-optimized performance of the mobile apps is a leading cause of their failure.

Not updating the app

If you don’t take into account the feedback of the users and update the app as per their requirement, then your app is bound to fail.


These common mistakes lead to the failure of mobile apps in the market.

As an entrepreneur, you should not only make your app unique and attractive, but also focus on the strategies to market them successfully.

Poor planning, execution of strategies, and research are some of the reasons due to which mobile apps fail.

Focus on your target audience’s needs, excellent features, ease of navigation, and superior performance.

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