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Are you tired of waiting for Netflix to buffer? Have turned every stone to find the solution to speed up your internet connection? Worry not because you have landed at the right stop!

Who won’t desire to have a faster internet connection? You must have tried out to get the tips that work for you accurately. However, there is massive information out there and a range of potential solutions to address your issue. You should have tried to make these tips work for you but the majority of these tips had failed to resolve your internet issue.

Also, many tips available on the internet are either expensive, really technical, or straight-up fake. That’s the reason which has brought us here. This blog is loaded with information to speed up your internet speed without demanding you to follow complicated steps or acquire expensive gadgets.

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Although, we have looked at every single aspect that may contribute to sluggish internet speed including your browser, your internet service provider (ISP), and your router. We have gathered 10 practical, easy, and cheap tricks for you to boost the speed of your internet connection. So, give a farewell to delaying in Netflix buffering and say hello to the faster internet. Let’s dig in now.

Consider Your Data Cap

We have figured out that data caps are amongst the topmost culprits that cause your internet speed to get slow. Data caps are not advertised by any internet service provider and the reasons are obvious. But data caps can severely turmoil your internet connection.

What are data caps? Seriously! Haven’t you ever heard about it? Well! It refers to the limitation for using the amount of data within a given time frame, usually within a month. It can be hundreds of gigabytes or a couple of hundreds of megabytes. For instance, if you have crossed the data limit the internet service provider will take serious action and restrict the internet speed of your connection. Which you will surely notice.

Just in case you are unaware of your data caps you can get to know it through your bill. Possibilities are there that you must be familiar with your data caps. If you observe that you are regularly exceeding data caps and facing speed issues every month it’s time for you to upgrade your existing internet plan. We would like to suggest you go for plans with a towering data limit.

Give Your Router a Break

Next, you can do is to give a break to your device, reset the router, and refresh the internet connection every month. Make it a practice! However, if your speed issues are serious you can go for daily router’ resetting practice.

If your router is separated from the modem you need to reset a modem too. You can stimulate your internet connection by resetting your modem. All you need to do is to turn the modem on and then off.

Well! If this practice seems to overburden then you can go for acquiring an outlet timer. Plug this timer into the router and modem that will automatically turn the system off and on for you. You can set it to restart the system periodically even during night hours while you are sleeping peacefully in your bed. Thus, you will have fresh internet every morning.

Reposition Your Router

The simplest and quickest tip is to reposition your router. So, check where your router lies in your house. If it is in the corner move it right away. The performance of your internet connection also declines when the signals from your WIFI don’t reach you properly.

It is preferable to place your router at the center of the house and the floor where you and your family spend most of their time.

Embrace Ethernet

Wireless connections have gotten huge fame worldwide due to their exceptional convenience and workability. Unfortunately, wireless internet connections are not necessarily fast always. On contrary, ethernet or cabled connections have shown consistency in terms of reliability and fastest speed. Because it transmits signals to your device directly without depending on the over-the-air transmissions.

Similarly, you can connect your desktop computer, laptop, TV, PlayStation, Xbox, or any other gaming console to ethernet. Specifically, it is best for watching data-heavy media such as videos or movies on smart TV.

Block Those Ads

Advertisements are hard to avoid when it comes to the online world. You will also receive endless auto-played videos, GIFs, pictures, and ads either you like it or not. That ultimately affect the speed of your internet speed. However, you can block these advertisements by installing an ad-blocking plugin on your system.

It will cease data-heavy videos that automatically play and will make some room for your internet connection to breathe.

Use a Streamlined Browser

If you are habitual to opening multiple windows and tabs at a time on your browser it will slow down the speed of your internet connection. Therefore, we will suggest you use a streamlined browser like Opera and others.

Install Virus and Malware Scanners

Install malware and virus scanners if you have not done this before. The sluggish internet speed may also be the result of malware and antivirus residing in your system.  Even if it is not the actual reason, you must have installed protection software to your system in general.

Once you installed good software on your computer or laptop, start scanning any malware and virus. Try to set the software to automatically scan your system regularly. If any malware or virus has been found in your system remove it quickly. It will help you to better the internet speed and browsing experience.

Install a “Clear Cache” Plugin

The cache can also lead to a slow internet connection. Do you know about cache? Well! if not then let us determine it in the simplest words. Whenever you visit any website, you enter data some bit of that information is also collected by your browsers which are known as cookies.

Marketers utilize this data to advertise relevant ads on your browser you might desire to purchase on the behalf of your browsing behavior. You must have experienced that your browser shows you the advertisement for the stuff you are opting to buy.

If you want to clear out all those trackers and cookies, you need to get rid of the cache from your browser. It is quite simple and you can do it manually but Clear Cache for Chrome is a type of plugin that you can install to remove all cache with a single click.

Make it a practice to clean your system from cache regularly thus data does not accumulate on your browser and slowdowns internet speed.

Negotiate with Your Internet Service Provider

Despite following all the tips we have listed above if you are unable to attain the desired internet speed it’s time to negotiate with your internet service provider now. Every ISP has multiple packages plans for you. If you are not satisfied with the internet speed you can simply update your existing internet plan according to your need.

Keep it in mind that for having extra you need to pay some extra which is not what most of you look up to for having higher speed internet. But in our opinion, it is way better to go for a higher speed and price plan than getting crazy for having a disastrous internet experience. So, don’t wait anymore and contact your ISP to find alternative plans at the best prices to get the right internet plan for you.

Get a Different Internet Provider

Chances are there that your existing internet service provider cannot fulfill your needs in such a case you can also go for other ISP like TDS. TDS Internet has a list of tremendous internet plans at reasonable prices. So, go check out!

Final Thoughts

Try out all the tricks until you find the right solution to cope up with sluggish internet speed. If you won’t then switching your ISP would be the best option. You are good to go!

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