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UPSC 2023: Candidates trends #UPSCExtraAttempt due to THESE REASONS

UPSC 2023: The UPSC aspirants have once again come together to raise their demands to increase the number of attempts for the UPSC civil services exams as they say the COVID pandemic has affected their preparations and study. It must be noted that thousands of candidates every year appear for UPSC exams in the country, and many give multiple attempts to get through the Civil Services. However, the aspirants claim the pandemic has affected their preparations. For this reason, the candidates especially those who have either reached the upper age limit or finished all the attempts last year are now demanding to increase the upper limit and to increase the number of attempts.

Candidates have stated these reasons for another attempt

Covid Compensatory

Age& Attempt Relaxation

Many students were unable to give UPSC exam for the last 2 years are demanding age relaxation for the UPSC exam as they lost two important years because of COVID wave in India. 

Earlier in March, the apex court had recommended the government to change its mind and sympathetically consider the demand of civil services examination (CSE) aspirants and grant an extra attempt with corresponding age relaxation to all candidates.