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Watch: Heroic Cops Saved Two Youths From Drowning In Uttarakhand

Internet users hailed the policemen for their heroic act of saving the youngsters’ lives.

In a swift and daring action, Uttarakhand Police rescued two youths trapped in the middle of Sharda Ghat in Uttarakhand’s Tanakpur. The state police shared a video of the incident on their Twitter handle which shows how a swimmer belonging to the Uttarakhand police and a local youth saved two youngsters, who started getting washed away in the fast-flowing river.

The clip shows two youngsters getting swayed in the river. Moments later, a man is seen swimming towards them and another man in a safety jacket is seen plunging into the river. Seconds later, they are seen bringing the youth to safety. After reaching the shore, the youth was seen gasping for breath. The Uttarakhand Police identified the two rescuers as swimmers Ravinder Pehelwan and Suraj.

When translated to English, the caption read, “Two youths from Etah, Uttar Pradesh, who came to see Shri Maa Poornagiri, started flowing while bathing in the river at Sharda Ghat, Tanakpur.#UttarakhandPolice Swimmer Ravinder Pehelwan and local youth Suraj saved both of them safely by jumping into the river.#UKPoliceHaiSaath.”

Watch the video here: 

Since being shared, the video has garnered a lot of traction with numerous likes and comments. Internet users hailed the policemen for their heroic act of saving the youngsters’ lives. One user wrote, “Good job.” Another said, “Excellent. Both deserve to be awarded.” “Great job done by @uttarakhandcops,” expressed third.

Meanwhile, Uttarakhand Police often share awareness through their social media accounts. They shared that a car owner was penalised over a registration plate that showed the registration number allotted to it stylised as the Hindi word “papa”.

The photo accompanying the tweet showed that the vehicle’s registration number was ‘4141’, which was written in such a way that it resembled the Hindi word “Papa”.