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Watch: When Top Leaders From BJP, Congress Broke Into A Dance In Assam

Assam: BJP’s Himanta Biswa Sarma and Congress’s Gaurav Gogoi campaign in Assam


The BJP’s Himanta Biswa Sarma and Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi in Assam were seen dancing with massive crowds at separate events in the north-east state where elections to the legislative assembly are going on.

Assam BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma broke into a dance on a stage at an election rally.

Voting for the first phase in Assam was held on Saturday.

Mr Sarma, the state Health Minister and BJP candidate from Jalukbari, a seat he has won since 2001, tweeted he was “absolutely stunned” by the size of the crowd at the rally.

In a video tweeted by Mr Sarma, he is seen dancing and asking the crowd to follow him. A sea of people at the jam-packed venue claps and sings along with the BJP leader, turning the venue of the political event into a concert-like setting.

“Absolutely stunned by the vast crowd gathered here at Panery. Grateful for such love and support from the people,” Mr Sarma tweeted.

Mr Gogoi, a two-term MP and Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha from the Congress, also tweeted a video of him dancing with a big crowd. In a video tweet, Mr Gogoi is seen making hand gestures of a traditional dance, as a crowd below the stage follows to his rhythm.

“It was more of a festive occasion while we were campaigning in Nalbari, and we couldn’t help but join in with the enthusiastic crowd dancing and expressing their optimism, joy, confidence in Congress’s progressive vision for Assam,” Mr Gogoi tweeted.

The Assam election is a fiercely fought one between the BJP and the Congress as the main parties, supported by their respective allies.

The BJP has not announced a chief ministerial candidate.

Home Minister Amit Shah said he was confident that the party could win 26 of the 30 seats where voting was held in the first phase.