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Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope from November 27 to December 3


There will be trust, loyalty, and intimacy in your relationship. You will feel a sense of balance and security in your partnership. For those in an established relationship, you may focus on practical matters and future planning. Do not be hasty in love-related decisions. Changes in your workplace are possible. There will be financial security, however, be cautious while investing. Do not put your personal life in the back seat.


It’s time to infuse romance into your relationship and follow your heart. If you like someone, let them know how you feel about them. Alternatively, someone who secretly admires you may express their feeling for you. Gear up and get going. You will be starting something new, which will bring financial rewards & money quickly. You may be given an opportunity to gain financially & expand your business. Unexpected windfall is also indicated. 


You will feel a close and warm connection to your partner, and your bond will deepen. You will be able to balance your work and personal life. Career and business opportunities will emerge but be very careful with your choices; do proper research and fact-finding before making a decision. Avoid making impulsive monetary and investment decisions. Avoid indulging in gossip and office politics. Use your mind over emotions in financial matters.


There is a sense of contentment and happiness, and you feel satisfied with how things unfold. Relationship with your partner will be warm and loving. You will make steady progress in your work and career, and your work will be a reason for your confidence. A mature and responsible woman will offer support and guidance in your work. Be helpful and supportive of those around you but do not neglect yourself. You must take care of yourself and place your needs at the forefront. 


A stable and happy family life is foreseen, and your loved ones will help you unwind. There will be good news related to children. You will be loved and taken care of. Those looking for a suitable job are likely to get a call. It is a favourable time to begin a new venture or a project using your skills and talents. Collaborate with like-minded professionals to move a step closer to fruition.


You must stay emotionally balanced, calm and level-headed while dealing with negative situations and challenges. Do not involve others or allow others to interfere in your family matters/ problems. Be practical but also be understanding and compassionate. At work, you can’t wait for things to happen on their own; you will have to make them work in your favour. Your finances will improve substantially, and there will be stability but be grounded and pragmatic.


You will get further in your professional endeavours if you put extra effort into whatever requires attention. Diligently work towards your goal, even if it gets boring or mundane. You may consider making some investments for the security of your family. But make sure that you balance work with family life and spend quality time with your partner and family. You will be loving towards your partner and express your feelings without reservation. 


This is the period of waiting and being patient. It’s time for withdrawal and retreat. Now is not a time to take any action or make decisions related to relationships or jobs. It’s time to re-evaluate your relationship, feeling & emotions. Do your bit without many expectations. At work, reassess your position and review your progress before you move forward. Avoid making any financial decisions. Think before you act.


There is harmony, peace, partnership and love. Arguments and differences will get resolved. Any ongoing negotiations will go in your favour, and disputes and arguments will be resolved. Relationships will be cordial, and there will be a better understanding of people. Now is the time to make real progress towards your goals. To be successful, stay focussed and don’t rush things. Harness your energy and focus on your goal. 


There will be love and stability in your relationship. You and your partner will support each other, and you may achieve a goal together. Beware of financial loss and take the guidance of a professional advisor. Spend wisely, and do not make any investments or take any loans. You may face some problems at work or in your career. Discontentment in your job sense of being isolated could also be there. 


Financial, material and earthly aspects are set to improve. In love, don’t be impulsive or hasty in committing. Invest some time in your relationship. Show patience & perseverance if you want your relationship to last. Your hard work will pay off & there could be a significant change in your career or business. There will be financial stability, new opportunities & investments, but be cautious with expenditures. 


Your commitment to your partner will be unbreakable and unquestionable. Your focus will be on home and family at this point. Your ties and connection with your loved ones will be strong and warm. There is financial growth and investment opportunity. Pay attention to practical details and set realistic goals to succeed. There will be sufficient resources to spend on yourself and support others. 

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner & Consultant)