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What is Google Screened Badge And How To Get It?

What is Google Screened Badge

What is Google Screened Badge And How To Get It?

Google Screened Badge is an initiative by Google to give recognition and credibility to the professionals in the field. It provides access to exclusive resources, webinars and training sessions. The Digital Badges are available for all types of technology-related fields like IT, Cloud Computing etc. These badges can be use on LinkedIn and other social media platforms as well as on websites where you want people to see it as proof that you’re qualified enough to own one

What is Google Screened Badge?

Google Screened Badge is a seal of approval that lets users know that they are visiting a safe website. It is display on the Google search result page, alongside other logos such as the Verified badge, Trustworthy badge and Safe Browsing seal. The screen name and URL are also includ as part of this display.

The Google Screened Badge was first introduced in 2015 when it launched as an experiment in ChromeOS devices (smartphones). Later on it was make available for all web pages served by Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) partners around the world.

Why Displaying Google Screened Badge Matters

Displaying Google Screened Badge is a symbol of trust. It shows that you are a verified business and it helps in building trust among your customers.

Google Screened Badge is also an effective way to earn more profit from your website, which in turn will increase customer engagement with the brand. The badge also helps improve customer experience by providing enhanced information about the business on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

How to Get Google Screen Badge?

How to get Google Screened Badge? you need to follow certain steps. Follow these steps carefully and your success will be guarantee.

  • First of all, sign up for a free account on You can also create an account if you already have one with your email address and password in mind. Once the application has created successfully, it will ask for some information like name, gender etc., so fill them carefully enough as they are important for completing this process successfully at last!
  • After filling out all requir details correctly in order that their business cards don’t get reject by Google servers later on down the road (which happens sometimes), click “Submit” button next at bottom right corner where there are two options available namely “Submit Now” or “Save For Later” respectively; choose whichever option suits best according to situation happening around now!

How to apply for google screened?

How to apply for Google Screened badge? you need to complete an application form. You can submit your application online by filling out all of the required fields and uploading all of the documents required in that section. After submitting your application fee, wait for approval from Google’s team before getting your screened badge.

How to become google screened?

How to become google screened business owner? you need to have a Google account, be verified and have digital badge.

Google Screened Badge: To use the Google Screened Badge, you need to have a verified business owner on Google AdWords for Business. The badge will show up on your website and in other places where it can  seen by potential customers. You can also share it on social media channels or embed it into emails sent directly from your business’ email address – this way people who come across these links will know what they’re clicking through onto (the site) is safe!

Businesses that are using the program see an increase in conversions because most people trust websites host by businesses which are register with Google’s AdWords program (and thus comply with their guidelines). This means that if someone clicks through one of these links they’re less likely than usual being direct somewhere else where there might not be any sort of privacy protection etcetera…

The benefits of the digital badge are immense; it helps in building trust and helps you earn more profit.

The benefits of the digital badge are immense; it helps in building trust and helps you earn more profit. It is also a great way to market your business or brand on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

You can get the badge from Google by following these steps:

  • Go to


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and found it informative. If you need any further assistance with this issue or would like to get your own GoogleScreened Badge, then feel free to contact us at any time!