What Kind of VPN Should One Use for Cryptocurrency Transactions?

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Cryptocurrency, a digital currency, has shown a massive growth over the years. The total cryptocurrency users globally have crossed 40 million whereas the market will be growing up to $23.3 billion by 2023.

Works using BlockChain as its technology, this unique form of currency ensures secured transactions and can be used easily to trade. According to the stats, over 6,700 different cryptocurrencies are publicly traded.

Among the many currencies, bitcoins are one with the highest value. Look at the list of the largest currencies by market capitalization.

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Source: Nerdwallet

Why Use A VPN Service?

Let suppose you are trading using bitcoins as your cryptocurrency, you are putting a huge investment on the line which needs to be secured. In the traditional banking services, no guarantee of safeguard during transactions are provided. The moment someone hacks your account; you can lose everything before you even know it.

To protect your Bitcoins, you need the support of a credible virtual private network to create a shield against your account.

VPN improves the crypto security by focusing on privacy during the transaction. Bitcoins and all the other cryptocurrencies are pseudonymous which makes it easier to rack the financial activities once a user or a buyer goes through KYC/AML verification. As the transactions are recorded on a public ledger. As the transaction is distributed on the ledger, at the Crypto exchanger an IP footprint is created.

What Kind of VPN Should One Use?

To ensure a safe transaction of your cryptocurrency you need a privacy-oriented VPN service. The virtual private network will safely hide your identity and financial records from hackers or government agencies. No malicious third party can access your records.

The best part is that its accepted basic human rights not to breach someone’s privacy online. Considering the highest value cryptocurrencies are enjoying, their protocols are designed keeping privacy and security in mind. Many of the crypto-exchangers use end-to end encryption to ensure no intrusion.

Even though the HTTP encryption is integrated on the websites of exchangers, as you send the data it has the vulnerability of getting hacked, that’s where the VPN comes to assist your transactions. With the help of VPN services, you get another layer of security to create an unbreachable firewall.

So, summing up here are some specific key reasons that highlights the benefits of getting a VPN service for making trading using your cryptocurrency.

  • A VPN service helps to encrypt the data making it complicated enough to get hacked or breached
  • It adds a layer of security that prevents data breaching and phishing attacks
  • A VPN service hides the IP address that prevents tracking for government authorities, hackers or any other third party user.
  • A VPN service will not save any record of your logs and will provide a kill switch as well. It will help in maintaining anonymity. Note that the service you take should not be free of cost as most VPN providers fish the user’s data and do not take privacy seriously. So, discuss your terms beforehand.

The Right VPN to Use for Cryptocurrency Trading

You can look for best VPN service providers like ExpressVPN or NordVPN along with other leading names like Surfshark. These platforms provide ultimate security and guaranteed integration with your server that shields data from getting breached.

You need to look for the following features in the service list offered by your VPN provider:

A kill switch or a no-log policy will help you in keeping your browser history clear. No here whatever transactions you have made will stay private. There will be no records found in your history. It will keep things secure. IN case if the government take on the surveillance of your transactions they will find no record of it. Moreover, this will keep the hackers at bay as well. Everything revolves around security and that’s what you need to ensure your VPN service provider is offering you.

Furthermore, with the help of kill-switch you can terminate the internet connection and will not have to expose your IP address. In this way, websites or third parties will not be able to access your account and breach its transactions.

The last aspect is to have a round a clock customer support available for any queries. In case you encounter a hurdle, you should have the access to interact with the =customer representative of the company to resolve the issues. Sometimes slight delays or ignorance can cause a huge mishappening. Therefore, whoever you choose do note how quick and responsive their support is. Whether it’s about trading or mining involving cryptocurrencies, both the two tasks may involve the risk of failure or errors, therefore, there should be someone who can help resolve the troubles efficiently.

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