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Who has more wins India or Pakistan?

Who has more wins India or Pakistan

Who has more wins India or Pakistan?

The India vs Pakistan rivalry has been going on for a very long time. The two countries have been in conflict since 1947 when there was a partition between them and both became independent nations. Ever since then, there have been many sports events where both countries have competed against each other, like the Cricket World Cup or any other tournaments they take part in.

India vs Pakistan

Indian vs Pakistan

Cricket is the most popular sport in South Asia. This article will compare Indian and Pakistan in terms of cricket wins.

First, let’s look at the overall numbers for each team:


Who has more wins, Indian or Pakistan?

If you’re a cricket fan, you might think the answer is obvious. After all, India has won more Test matches than Pakistan. And India has won more cricket matches than any other team in history (1,514 according to ESPNcricinfo).

But there’s a lot more to it than that. Cricket is played in many countries across three continents and nine time zones—so when you look at every single match ever played between both teams from all formats of the game (Tests, ODIs and T20s) who actually comes out on top?


It’s hard to say who has more wins in ODI cricket, but it seems as though Pakistan has won more matches than India.

In terms of total number of ODI wins, Pakistan ranks first with over 2,000 wins while India is second with 1,970 wins. In terms of winning percentage, Pakistan ranks third with 82% and India comes fourth with 79%.

However, when we look at the total number of matches played by each team and divide it by their win percentage (the equation for which can be found below), we see that India beats Pakistan!


In T20, Pakistan has more wins than India. Pakistan has won 45 games while Indian has won 44 matches in T20s. Both the teams have played against each other in 24 matches and there are no draws between them. Pakistan has won 11 of those matches while India has won 12 times against their neighbouring country.

Pakistan is leading in this category by one win over India as well with a total score of 61-60 (average difference 1). When it comes to tournaments, both teams have participated in 3 ICC World T20s so far and they have each made it to the final once where Pakistan beat Sri Lanka while India lost against West Indies on all three occasions they reached the finals till now. Individually, Pakistan’s total tally stands at 6 titles (vs 5 for Indians), including 3 ICC World Cups titles which makes them clear winners here as well!


While Indian has won more test matches than Pakistan overall, it’s worth noting that Pakistan has won more test matches at home than India. In fact, they have also won more test matches away from home than India. The reason for this is simple: both teams tend to play their home series in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). While you might expect this to be an advantage for Pakistan, who are accustomed to playing there, recent results have shown that it isn’t always so simple. For example: Indian played three tests against Australia at neutral venues in 2018; they won two of them and lost one. This means that if both teams had played all their tests at neutral venues instead of their own countries, then there would be no difference between them!

India has more wins than Pakistan

Indian has more wins than Pakistan, but Pakistan have more wins than India in ODI. In fact, Pakistan is the only country that has won against India in a test match. The two teams have played against each other since their first series in 1952 when India beat them by 4-0.

The current head to head record shows that India has won 76 games out of 121 matches played between them while Pakistan has won 34 games out of 66 matches played between them.

Here is a complete list of cricket matches played between these two countries:


For now, India has more wins than Pakistan in all three formats. However, there are many other factors like the conditions of play, teams and players’ form that affect the outcome of a match.