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Won’t Negotiate With Russia After Referendums In Ukraine: Zelensky At UN

Ukraine won’t be able to negotiate with Russia after “referendums” in 4 occupied regions, Zelensky said.


Kyiv will not be able to negotiate with Russia after Moscow held annexation “referendums” in four occupied Ukrainian regions, President Volodymyr Zelensky told the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

“Russia’s recognition of the pseudo-referendums as ‘normal’, implementation of the so-called Crimean scenario, and yet another attempt to annex Ukrainian territory means that there is nothing to talk about with (the) current Russian president,” he said in a video message at a meeting of the UN security council.

“In front of the eyes of the whole world, Russia is conducting an outright farce called a ‘referendum’ on the occupied territory of Ukraine,” he said.

“People are forced to fill out some papers for a TV picture under the muzzles of machine guns.

“The figures of the alleged results of the pseudo-referendum were drawn in advance,” he said.

Zelensky added that “threats to use nuclear weapons have become a constant narrative of Russian officials and propagandists”.

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