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Zee News exit poll predicts BJP win in Gujarat, close tie between Congress-BJP in Himachal Pradesh

Gujarat elections, Himachal Pradesh elections Exit Poll: The Zee News exit poll on Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat Assembly elections showed important trends on which party has an edge in the two states. Starting with the Himachal Pradesh elections, the Zee News-BARCA exit poll result showed that BJP has a chance of winning 35-40 seats, Congress may win 20-25 seats and Aam Aadmi Party may bag 0-3 seats whereas other parties may win 1-5 seats. There are 68 seats in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly.

The vote share in Himachal Pradesh is as follows: BJP (47%), Congress (41%), AAP (2%), and Others (10%). CM Jairam Thakur saw 35% of support in Himachal Pradesh elections exit polls as the Chief Ministerial candidate.

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Coming to the Gujarat polls, BJP is set to win a record number of seats (110-125) out of 182 seats. On the other hand, Congress may win 45-60 seats, AAP 1-5 seats, and Others may bag 0-4 seats.

Gujarat Election Exit Polls Voting Patterns

First-time voter share 

BJP: 49%, Cong: 32%, AAP: 13%, Others: 6%

Women voters

BJP: 52%, Cong: 41%, AAP: 4%, Others: 3%

City voters

BJP: 52%, Cong: 36%, AAP: 9%, Others: 3%

Rural voters

BJP: 49%, Cong: 44%, AAP: 5%


According to the Zee News-BARCA exit poll on Gujarat Elections 2022, BJP is set to win a record number of seats (110-125) out of 182 seats. The BJP has been in power in Gujarat for the last 27 years and PM Modi who participated in the party’s poll campaign has a high approval rating in the state. Usually, the battle for Gujarat has been between the BJP and Congress but this year, Aam Aadmi Party also entered the arena in hopes of bagging a few seats to make its presence felt in the state. The exit poll showed that AAP may win more seats in Southern Gujarat. 

Earlier there were worries that AAP may make a dent in Congress’ vote share. This fear may be rooted in reality as the number of seats that Congress is likely to win is not looking too impressive.