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5 Technologies that are Making Us Future-Ready

We all know that technology has been evolving with mankind and mankind in itself is also evolving with technology. They together form a kind of symbiotic relationship, that is responsible for the overall growth of the human race, for good and for bad. If computers and laptops are examples of technology, so are the nuclear bombs and so are the microscopic bots being created by scientists to detect and cure diseases in the coming times. They shall all together define the way our life, lifestyle, society and world shall head in the coming times. A glimpse from some of their innovative forms from the future are enumerated below to give you a sneak preview of the future :

  1. The Human-less Shopping Experience:The Amazon-go stores have been launched in Seattle, USA. They are the first in line prototypes of a shopping model that promotes a contactless, queue-less and hassle less shopping experience that requires the user to simply scan their app once for user id. Rest all is taken care of by the store’s in-built vision and AI-backed monitoring algorithms. The user may simply pick the commodity of choice and exit the store. The checkout and billing shall all be taken care of through the app and bills shall too be digitally paid. You could check its working in the video here:


This is the future of shopping that is touted to be further evolved with 3-dimensional  models.  Companies and businesses the world over are looking to hire an app developer that can bring similar experiences to life wherein, the user may even be able to visualize garments, footwear and accessories,etc. on themselves, before making a purchase.

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  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Technology is changing the way the world sees and experiences things. The onset of 3-dimensional technologies through virtual reality and augmented reality has led to development of a new level of man to machine and vice versa information transfer; which is known to effectively multiply its effectiveness; especially in the fields of education, engineering, defence, user interface experience, amongst others. Games and movies already utilizing these technologies in a big way (Pokemon Go, 3-d movies like Jumanji, etc.).


These technologies are being merged to create new objects for ‘mixed reality’. It is believed that all human to machine interactions including products designs, automation designs, medical training, defence training,  psychological testing and orientations, etc. shall all happen through them.

  1. 3-d printing: Apart from looking at 3-d content, technology has also enabled printing of realistic 3-d products through the 3-d printers. Giving wings to human innovation; 3-d printers have now crossed the prototype stage to enter the ever growing world of industrial manufacturing.


The world’s first printed 3-d electric car, LSEV is set to already hit the European and American markets. Priced at USD 7500, it is redefining the way people have been viewing the 3-d printer evolution and scaling capabilities.  Apart from the car, 3-d printing is also being utilized in the medicinal fields for organ printing. In terms of technology, 3-d printing utilizes successive-layer printing with plastics and other materials in order to create the final products. In the case of organ printing, the material being used by the printer is a biocompatible plastic.


The future of this technology thus seems ominous with sky being the limit of its innovation and growth aspects.

  1. The ‘Internet Satellites’ : Internet is basically a global network of computers and smart devices that can transfer and share data using a similar protocol (IPv4 and IPv6). But, they have literally redefined the way the world and we humans live. Touted as one of the new 7 wonders of the world, internet’s usage and accessibility is soon going to witness another upsurge with the launch of internet satellites. Currently there are three companies in this race for the next technology revolution, namely Facebook (Athena), SpaceX (Starlink) and OneWeb. With performance that surpasses the traditional satellite internet speed, and a global network unbounded by ground infrastructure limitations, these satellites shall be delivering high speed broadband services to locations where access has been unreliable, expensive, or completely unavailable.

Placed in the lower earth orbits at 550km, the satellites may multiply internet’s speed by 40 times in the coming times. Imagine the result on data, intelligence and computing algorithms that it would create. Reminiscing an earth image, when these satellites are launched:

This is how it would look!!

  1. The ‘Greener Energies’:The technologists as well as the scientists the world over are well aware that we are in short supply in terms of non-renewable sources of energy. The pollution and carbon-footprint are other issues that they create. Thus, they have been working to create technology models that would utilize renewable sources of energy to generate power at individual and industrial scales. Solar power, wind energy, geothermal energies; have seen light of the day in these terms; but somehow their usage has been limited. Similar technologies are set to rule the roost in the coming times.


Nature itself is propelled with the help of energies stored and transformed in several forms. Futuristic companies like Bioo Technologies are innovating and developing systems to leverage them to create a greener and more sustainable planet for our coming generations.


The above pointers prove beyond a point that technology and its varied evolutions are getting stronger by the day.  But, its development in the right or wrong direction in the longer run needs to be seen and analyzed. For instance: Nuclear energy generates electricity, but it also causes catastrophes like chemical leaks and nuclear bombs, that have the prowess to completely destroy humankind. So, technology shall grow and provide newer solutions like these. But, their effective usage for good shall always remain a human responsibility.

AUTHOR BIO – Andrea Laura is a very creative writer and active contributor who love to share informative news or updates on various topics and brings great information to her readers. Being writing as her hobby, Andrea has come out with many interesting topics and information that attracts readers to unravel her write-up. Her content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs.

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